The Ultimate OTT/CTV Audience Targeting Trifecta


Since our founding, has been a leader and innovator in all things programmatic. Whether it’s raising the bar for foot traffic attribution or pushing the boundaries of location-based targeting, continues to be at the forefront of programmatic advertising’s most exciting opportunities.

So, it’s no surprise that pioneered a industry-leading audience targeting solution to help marketers realize the potential of OTT/CTV advertising. Our clients are already reaping the benefits. In 2019 alone, ran over 25,000 OTT/CTV campaigns for more than 7,500 advertisers. To see what partnering with for OTT/CTV advertising looks like on the ground, check out these in-depth case studies here and here.

Now, let’s dive into why advertisers trust to meet and exceed their OTT/CTV advertising needs.

Powered by three distinct audience targeting methods,’s OTT/CTV solution represents an audience targeting trifecta that has positioned us as leaders in this space.


Comprehensive OTT/CTV Targeting

Addressable OTT/CTV Targeting

Utilizing’s industry-leading location-based targeting technology, this method represents granularity in audience targeting down to the individual household-level. achieves significantly more precision by using GPS and plat line data rather than an IP-based approach to target physical addresses so that only the right households and devices get targeted. Our addressable household-level targeting has set the new standard for how granular a location-based marketing campaign can get.

This is an ideal way to leverage your own first-party data from CRMs and other sources. And if you don’t have access to your own address data, can curate lists for you using our new Addressable Audience Curation tool. With Addressable Audience Curation, marketers can easily curate addressable audiences in real-time based on location and demographic data for over 126 MM households across the U.S. Location data can be filtered by postal code, city/metro, congressional districts, and more. Advertisers can then filter their addressable audience with over 500 categories of household demographic, political, and economic variables all within’s system and seamlessly execute addressable OTT/CTV campaigns without having to possess first party data or purchase targeting lists from data brokers.

And to top it off, all of these capabilities come at scale— can reach 126 million U.S. households! And with free list onboarding and the capacity to target one million addresses per campaign with unlimited campaigns, Addressable OTT/CTV targeting can scale as high as you need to go.

Behavioral OTT/CTV Targeting’s Behavioral targeting method gives advertisers the ability to bring the precision of digital targeting to OTT/CTV by targeting users based on keywords, context, and other online behaviors. Behavioral targeting bridges the gap between OTT/CTV and other online behaviors, reaching across devices using our cross-device matching capabilities.

Demographic OTT/CTV Targeting

Take advantage of numerous combinations of demographic variables to find and target the right audience, at scale, with the highest degree of precision in the industry. And with over 500 categories of household demographic, political, and economic variables to choose from, advertisers can target more than 126 million households.


What Are You Getting for Your OTT/CTV Ad Spend?

When all is said and done, advertisers want to know whether they got their money’s worth out of their OTT/CTV advertising spend. At, we have long led the way in helping our clients attribute ROI to their campaigns. Thanks to’s Geo-Conversion Lift reporting within the Reporting and Analytics Center, advertisers can unlock valuable attribution insights that show how their OTT/CTV campaigns are influencing online-to-offline conversions.

Still not convinced? Check out these client testimonials on why’s OTT/CTV solution is significantly ahead of the curve.


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