Top Seven Reasons Search Marketers Should Use Search Retargeting


I was inspired by this recent Mediapost article by Janet Driscoll Miller to write up the top 7 reasons search marketers should be using Search Retargeting. Here goes:

With the massive amounts of display impressions now available through real time bidding, search retargeting is quickly becoming an integral part of search marketing efforts. Just like with search, search retargeting enables marketers to bid, report, and optimize display campaigns at the keyword level so they can maximize performance and insight from campaigns. Here are seven reasons all search marketers should be including search retargeting in their plans:

1. Reach more searchers. With search campaigns, the vast majority (typically 95%+) of users who searched on your keywords never make it to your site. Using search retargeting, advertisers can reach highly targeted prospects who have shown their intent by searching on your targeted keywords, but have not clicked on your organic or paid links.

2. Reach searchers more often. With search, your only opportunity to advertise to the searcher is when they are on the search engine results page (SERP) right after he/she searches. With search retargeting, platforms like can reach users up to 200 additional times in the month following their search, allowing for repetitive messaging to these in-market consumers.

3. Reach searchers more effectively. Search retargeting enables advertisers to serve fully branded flash and/or static banners, which deliver advertisers’ messages more effectively than plain text ads used in search.

4. Target expensive upper funnel, broad search terms. Upper funnel, broad search terms are very expensive in many verticals from travel to financial services to telecommunications. Search retargeting enables advertisers to efficiently target broad, upper funnel search terms that are critical to reaching consumers early in the purchase cycle.

5. Target competitive terms. Most marketers covet the opportunity to increase market share by advertising directly to users who are searching on competitive products. Search retargeting enables such competitive targeting (or “conquesting”) against a broad range of competitive terms.

6. Generate more search traffic. Studies, including this recent one by Yahoo!,  have shown time and time again that exposure to display campaigns drives increased search traffic for your branded terms.

7. Manage more budget. Search retargeting is the perfect opportunity for search marketers to leverage their expertise in keywords and keyword bidding into display advertising. Not only will this make their search campaigns more effective, it will allow them to manage more budget…always a good thing for marketers!

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