Understanding the Concept Behind Site Retargeting


Keeping your ad or product in front of people who have a genuine interest in your product is one way to increase revenue. Advertising your products online can be more profitable than investing in print, television or radio ads. While the latter advertising methods are seen by a large percentage of the population, there is no guarantee that these ads will fall on the ears and eyes of your target audience. Or people who are interested in your prodcut or service at all for that matter. Take your marketing efforts online and you’re more likely to connect with customers who need or already use a similar/competitor product.Retargeting Infographic

Rather than randomly splatter your display advertisements over the Internet, site retargeting places your display ads before people who’ve shown an interest in your product or service. They might visit your website, check out your products, and then leave your site. If they visit another website, your ad may appear in plain view. This keeps your company and products in their minds. In the end, these customers are likely to return to your site and complete a purchase.

Users rarely convert the first time they visit – site retargeting allows you to re-engage these customers. By means of site retargeting, your display ads follow your target audience throughout the Internet, learning valuable information and gathering data as they go. This data ultimately will be used to fuel campaign decisions, for example if data shows that users for a home improvement store are converting most after searching for competitor keywords the advertiser can allocate more budget to those keywords.

The learning process offered with site retargeting begins before the user even visits your site with Simpli.fi’s product as we gather data on virtually every user on the web constantly, once a campaign begins you’re already armed with an arsenal full of data points and target audience members ready to go.