Unstructured Data: Turning Chaos Into Performance


As advertisers, we’re bombarded daily with new ways to work with our data, many of which promise to streamline and maximize our efforts. Yet, while all of the tools and possibilities for digital advertising can lend significant potency to our marketing strategies, they can also result in frenetic chaos.

Advertisers need to find ways to tame the chaos and deliver maximum performance on their advertising campaigns. Many see unstructured data as a chaotic addition to their advertising mix, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to use the powerhouse of unstructured data to transform your chaos into unmatched performance.

Nix Pre-Packaged Segments & Embrace Unstructured Data

If you’re using a Demand Side Platform or other targeting platform, you are most likely targeting based on pre-packaged data segments. That’s the way most platforms work, and they’re rife with the same data that everyone else uses. This can significantly undermine your campaign performance. With segment-level data, performance is averaged across the highest and lowest performing elements of the audience segment, with limited ability to understand which elements are working and why.

When you run campaigns powered by unstructured data – something I’m a believer in – you’ll not only improve performance but also get a clear view into which data elements are successful and which aren’t.


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