Using the Demand Side Platform to Your Advantage


The internet has become increasingly crowded. The competition for consumer interest among businesses has increased exponentially over the course of the last 15 years, as computer use has become more and more widespread, and the practice of buying products or services online has become more and more common. In order to attract new clients, it is no longer enough to simply place a banner ad on a related site and wait for people to click on it. It is now necessary to create targeted display advertising campaigns that are optimized to increase your client base. DSPs offer the ability to acquire a new audience, maximize your existing audience and provide better data.

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Additionally, the use of a demand side platform (DSP) can ensure that the largest audience possible will see your ads, by offering an unmatched volume of inventory and impressions all across the web. The advantage of a DSP is that you can bid for ad space, while simultaneously controlling how your current ads are being viewed, and monitoring what is working and what is not. And, it’s done much more quickly and efficiently than humanly possible. Demand side platforms allow you to increase the efficacy of your ad placement, and your advertising dollars, since you can balance ad placement and its rate of success, against the cost of placement, in real time.

Additionally, each element of display campaigns can be adjusted instantly. For example, a particular keyword’s bid can be raised if it is performing well – this allows for the greatest use of your marketing dollars and less waste. The ability to adjust granularly is an advantage most forms of marketing do not offer, and transparency into pricing and costs is a requirement if choosing a DSP. Reallocating budget is important to the long-term success of campaigns. Detailed reporting and analytics provide another benefit in that advertisers are able to measure the success of campaigns and make changes instantly.

The demand side platform system is becoming more and more intuitive, and using it effectively can make the internet seem far less vast, and far more business-friendly.