Webinar: Localizing National Campaigns to Maximize Campaign ROI


As all of us continue to navigate the COVID-19 outbreak, Simpli.fi remains dedicated to helping and supporting our advertisers and partners. As part of these efforts, we have launched a webinar series hosted by Simpli.fi’s Chief Revenue Officer James Moore and our VP of Brand and Agency Brian Garrigan to help advertisers keep revenue coming in the door during these challenging times.

In this first installment, James and Brian dive into a crucial subject for advertisers to be aware of: the significant differences that exist among different regions, states, and even neighborhoods. In other words, why localization matters for advertisers, and how it drives campaign ROI. This is especially important as the economy looks to reopen and various locations will be in different stages of economic restriction and recovery.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to leverage national localized campaigns through: localized audiences, localized agility, and localized performance and reporting.

James and Brian will also be addressing the following points:

  • Just how different are regions, states, and even neighborhoods?
  • The pros and cons of executing campaigns nationally
  • The perception around the localization of digital media buys
  • How localization can help during Covid-19 and the current economic uncertainty
  • Real world use cases for national localization
  • And more.

Check out the full webinar below:

To learn more about how localization on the national level can increase your ROI on ad campaigns, reach out to us at hi@simpli.fi.