Webinar: Programmatic Restaurant Marketing Before, During, and After COVID-19


As all of us continue to navigate the COVID-19 outbreak, Simpli.fi remains dedicated to helping and supporting our advertisers and partners. As part of these efforts, we have launched a webinar series hosted by Simpli.fi’s Chief Revenue Officer James Moore and our VP of Brand and Agency Brian Garrigan to help advertisers keep revenue coming in the door during these challenging times.

In this second installment, James and Brian dive into the state of programmatic marketing for restaurants as it was before the COVID-19 outbreak, what it’s looking like now, and what advertisers can expect in the future.

Key points addressed by James and Brian include:

  • Changing priorities for advertisers pre- and post- COVID-19
  • Programmatic advertising trends for restaurants that will be relevant for the long-term
  • The shift from in-store visits to online ordering for take-out, and what this means for advertisers
  • Why an Addressable Programmatic approach based on household-level targeting is so crucial
  • And more

Check out the full webinar below:

To learn how Simpli.fi can help your restaurant marketing efforts in this new normal, reach out to us at hi@simpli.fi. And don’t forget to watch our first installment of this webinar series covering how advertisers can localize national campaigns to maximize campaign ROI.