Wharton Business Radio’s Marketing Matters on SiriusXM Channel 132 Hosts Simpli.fi CEO Frost Prioleau as He Discusses All Things OTT/CTV


Simpli.fi CEO Frost Prioleau was recently featured on the Marketing Matters podcast hosted by Dr. Americus Reed The podcast originally aired on Business Radio, SiriusXM Channel 132. The conversation centered around OTT/CTV advertising, and included several penetrating industry insights from Frost as well as some entertaining back and forth with Dr. Reed. Below are some of the highlights from the podcast.


Consumer Behavior is Driving the Shift to OTT/CTV

To kick off the discussion, Frost addressed the massive growth of OTT/CTV advertising over the last couple of years. As he points out, we’ve seen this phenomenon before when mobile took the digital advertising industry by storm. In both cases, the driving force is consumer behavior.

In the case of mobile, it’s no mystery why mobile advertising blew up. Consumers were buying smart phones en masse; but even more significantly for digital marketers, they were carrying these mobile devices with them everywhere. The lesson is that advertising dollars and growth will follow consumers’ eyeballs. And today, consumers are spending more and more of their time viewing content on OTT/CTV devices.


The Dynamic Duo: TV and Digital

Next, Frost addressed the exciting implications of what happens when traditional TV advertising meets digital targeting in the OTT/CTV space. Linear TV has always had significant limitations when it comes to audience targeting. Now, OTT/CTV streaming content allows advertisers to combine the impact of TV ads with the precision of digital. In practice, this means advertisers can reach viewers with the same compelling brand messaging, while targeting consumer audiences with vastly more precision and granularity (e.g. targeting OTT/CTV users based on factors like web visits, searches, etc.)

Frost highlighted two major benefits we are seeing from this new paradigm. First, consumers are served ads that are much more relevant and useful to them thanks to the precision of digital targeting. Secondly, thanks to this superior audience targeting, services like Roku or Hulu can show less ads per hour without seeing a decrease in revenue. This is truly a win-win for both parties: services get to reduce their ad load, and users get a better all-around viewing experience.


What Simpli.fi is Bringing to the Table

Frost also spoke to a couple of the ways Simpli.fi is standing out in the OTT/CTV space. The sheer number of channels and devices available to consumers can pose a challenge for advertisers. Simpli.fi makes things easy by aggregating everything on our own platform, allowing advertisers to seamlessly serve OTT/CTV ads across channels using one dashboard. And our access to a wide variety of premium inventory ensures that OTT/CTV users can be reached nationwide at scale.

When it comes to audience targeting, Simpli.fi has brought its industry-leading audience targeting capabilities to OTT/CTV advertising. As location-based marketing has evolved, we’ve seen targeting narrow from region to city to zip code. But today we can get even more granular thanks to Simpli.fi’s game-changing Addressable Programmatic technology.

Bringing the best in location-based targeting technology to OTT/CTV advertising, advertisers can now target consumers at the individual household-level. Simpli.fi uses GPS and plat line data rather than an IP-based approach to target physical addresses so that only the right households and devices get targeted. For example, a luxury automobile brand like Jaguar would be able to run a nationwide campaign targeting consumers in households with a certain income-level.

Interested in learning more? Listen to the full podcast here or contact us at hi@simpli.fi.