Mattress Brand Partners with to Increase E-Commerce Sales and Measures ROAS


Advertiser Overview
•  Luxury mattress brand with a large e-commerce and physical retail presence
•  Sought to use behavioral targeting to increase online sales
•  Selected as their programmatic partner in 2021

•  $15.67 Cost Per Action
•  $47.59 ROAS
•  7,982 Online Sales Over the Course of Four Months



Developing a Programmatic Strategy to Boost E-Commerce Sales

The mattress market is valued at approximately $17.3 billion a year in the U.S. but only 38% of mattress retailers sell online (Statista). These figures represent a substantial opportunity for mattress companies to leverage digital advertising to maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). One mattress retailer with a focus on e-commerce turned to to implement programmatic strategies and ultimately boost their online sales.

The brand sought a direct programmatic vendor in the fourth quarter of 2020 and selected as a partner beginning in 2021. They chose to leverage behavioral targeting solutions and to accurately measure purchase data through online attribution.’s Transaction Value Reporting tool enabled the advertiser to derive meaningful insights from their e-commerce campaign by passing back purchase values and order IDs from online conversions. and the mattress advertiser worked together to create a strategy to increase online sales and achieve a high ROAS. The plan leveraged Keyword Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting with’s Transaction Value Reporting solution to measure sales revenue attributed to the campaign. Additionally, the advertiser sought to achieve a $50 Cost Per Action (CPA) for the sale of a mattress on their website.

Reaching Active Shoppers with Behavioral Targeting

The advertiser wanted to reach a large audience of in-market shoppers, so they deployed Keyword Search Retargeting to reach users nationwide who were actively looking for mattresses and pillows. implemented 1,335 keywords including mattress, bed, pillow, chair cushion, and more. With transparency at the individual keyword level, the brand could see exactly which keywords were most successful at driving performance and increasing sales. Additionally, Site Retargeting allowed the brand to re-engage potential customers by serving ads to users who visited their website but did not complete a purchase.’s cross-device graph enabled the brand to reach users across all of their devices, regardless of the device on which they conducted a search or visited the brand’s website. Furthermore, a conversion pixel placed on the post-purchase webpage allowed the brand to measure transactions attributable to the programmatic campaign across devices. For example, a conversion counted if a user made a search on their smartphone, received an ad, and then made a purchase on their desktop.

Measuring ROAS with Transaction Value Reporting

The advertiser implemented’s Transaction Value Reporting to pass back the purchase value and order ID from each online conversion. This enabled them to analyze purchase trends and to easily calculate the ROAS by dividing the total transaction values by the campaign spend.

The advertiser quickly saw the power of programmatic advertising and was pleased with the results of the e-commerce campaign. delivered a $15.67 CPA, significantly beating the goal of $50. The brand also saw 7,982 online sales in just four months. Finally, using Transaction Value Reporting, demonstrated a ROAS value of $47.59 and reported more than $6 million in revenue.
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