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ROI-Based Analysis Across All Media

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Track All Media Types

Buy, track, and evaluate your digital, print, broadcast TV, radio, and out-of-home orders and accounting with’s all-in-one-place, omnichannel platform.


Easily Build and Share Reports

Report on short- and long-form direct-response TV advertising, radio, print, and more with customizable dashboards and our built-in, self-service report writer.


See Everything in One Place

Pull in DCM ad server and/or Google Analytics API data, reconcile billings with affidavit processing, verify spots overnight and optimize tomorrow’s performance, manage media expenditures and consumer responses, and view fully automated and customizable client analytics—all in one organized system.


Keep an Eye on the Competition

Track and analyze rival schedules while on air and see how their share of voice affects your spots’ performances. Our software processes rating streams, including Local Spot DMA, National Cable, National Syndication, Local Audio (Radio), National and Local Spot Hispanic, Comscore National Network, and more.

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With’s robust software solutions, tasks from time tracking to media management—and everything in between—are easier than ever before.
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    Target relevant audiences with household-level precision—at a national scale with over 126M homes available.
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