Digital Management Tools

Automate the process of monitoring, adjusting, and actualizing your digital and non-broadcast campaigns—from start to finish.

Streamline Your Digital Buys

Digital Management Made Easy


Streamline Vendor Communications

Send orders to vendors electronically and right from the media plan. Vendors simply click a link to review and accept the order—no installation or logging in required—and you can monitor communications and order statuses all in the same system.


Customize Preloaded Templates

No need to start from scratch—’s media planning module comes preloaded with easy-to-use, easy-to-tailor templates built to reflect the specifics of your campaigns.


Serve Ads From One Place

Streamline your digital workflow with all-in-one campaign management. Create and maintain campaigns, placements, and upload reported data—all in one place.


Develop Insights With Powerful Dashboards

Monitor and report on virtually any data point in the system that you find relevant with’s customizable dashboards.


Take Advantage of's DSP

Maximize your media planning efforts with's omnichannel platform—rich with targetability options from solutions like CTV, addressable, and many more.

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Streamline Tasks, Maximize Focus
With’s robust software solutions, tasks from time tracking to media management—and everything in between—are easier than ever before.
  • Addressable
    Target relevant audiences with household-level precision—at a national scale with over 126M homes available.
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