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Deliver mobile ads with a purpose using our robust targeting and our in-app and web inventory.

Go Where Your Audience Goes

Amplify Reach, Maintain Precision


Maximize Your Reach

Deliver your creative around the world with's global network of programmatic mobile inventory.


Pinpoint Your Audience

Leverage's custom Polygon tool and conversion zone mapping to precisely tailor your targeting and conversion tracking to your specific needs.


Identify Your Target

Locate and target places by name, type, or group with's Geo-Fence Finder tool.


Maintain Privacy and Precision

Our proprietary data management platform (DMP) powers our demand-side platform (DSP), serving ads to mobile devices based on privacy-compliant, time-stamped GPS data.


Refine Campaigns in Real-Time

Optimize your campaigns with granular reporting, including store-level and foot traffic metrics.

The tool identified and automatically built geo-fence target zones around approximately 18,000 locations within 5 miles of the advertiser’s retail stores. then served OTT/CTV ads and display ads to smartphones, tablets, and desktops of users who visited these locations.

in-store visits across the nation.

online sales during the campaign.

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