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Connect with prospective and current consumers using powerful targeting strategies and storytelling insights.

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Experience Superior Targeting

With Simpli.fi's custom targeting options, you can leverage any available data point and reach relevant audiences with confidence.


Attract New Consumers at Scale

Reach new, relevant consumers at a national level across a variety of markets with Simpli.fi’s superior targeting tactics.


Apply Consumer-Centric Targeting

Serve various creatives in meaningful ways based on consumer behaviors, interests, and whereabouts with measurable attribution online, including conversion and ROAS metrics.


Make Informed Decisions

Optimize campaigns with a full suite of reporting tools and resources, including cart values, transaction data, online conversions, ROAS metrics, and more.


Maximize Your Ad Spend

Reduce the number of previous purchasers receiving your ads with Simpli.fi’s privacy-first data suppression practices


Reach Consumers with Full-Funnel Solutions

Deliver ads to consumers at every stage of the purchasing funnel with a suite of products and tools built for any level of the buying cycle.

Simpli.fi and the mattress advertiser partnered to create a strategy to increase online sales and achieve a high ROAS. They leveraged Keyword Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting with Simpli.fi’s Transaction Value Reporting solution to measure sales revenue attributed to the campaign.

return on ad spend.

cost per action

online sales over four months

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