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Connect with prospective and current customers using audience-first programmatic display targeting.

Advertise With Intent

Ambitious and audience-first


Experience Superior Targeting

With Simpli.fi's custom targeting options, you can leverage any available data point and reach relevant audiences with confidence.


Deliver Ads With Meaning

Apply audience-first targeting to serve display ads based on what your consumer is already doing.


Reach Relevant Consumers

Serve display ads based on searches and content consumption using Simpli.fi’s Retargeting and Keyword Contextual tactics.


Increase Ad Performance

Drive campaign performance at a granular level by bidding, optimizing, and reporting on individual impressions.


Maximize Engagement

Drive lower-funnel engagement by retargeting site visitors and creating conversion funnels with Simpli.fi’s tag management system.

Additionally, the brand relied on Simpli.fi’s TVR to track 5,963 online orders that accounted for $3.6 million in revenue based on the average order amount. Finally, the advertiser calculated an astounding ROAS value of $36.13.

cost per action.

online orders.


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