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Reach prospective and current supporters with cross-channel programmatic advertising.

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Precise Targeting, Superior Match Rates

Reach your audience—at an individual household level—with Simpli.fi’s 90%+ match-rate addressable data.


Unlock New Supporters

Reach prospective supporters with political data from Simpli.fi’s leading third-party partners, including Aristotle, Data Trust, i360, L2, TargetSmart, Tunnl, and more.


Get the Support You Need

Work directly with Simpli.fi’s Political Client Success Team for around-the-clock advertising campaign support tailored to your specific needs.


Boost Campaign Efficiency

Shift budgets and improve campaigns with attribution data, including sign-up measurements, donations, registrations, in-person visits, and more.


Experience Single-Day Turnarounds

Onboard address lists from data providers or first-party databases the same day you upload them to Simpli.fi’s platform.


Reach Every Screen

Engage potential voters, donors, supporters, and more by delivering ads across every major programmatic ad format, including connected TV (CTV).

"Simpli.fi achieved an average address match rate of greater than 90%, far superior to IP-based solutions, and additionally had no minimum list size requirements."

candidates across 23 states in 2020.

different campaigns activated.

uploaded and matched home addresses.

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    Target relevant audiences with household-level precision—at a national scale with over 126M homes available.
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