Connected TV Advertising

Combine the reach and engagement of TV with the targeting of digital, and maximize your relevance to audiences everywhere.

Engaging Creative, Precise Targeting

Make a Measurable Impact


Experience Superior Targeting

With's custom targeting options, you can leverage any available data point and reach relevant audiences with household-level precision.


Access Exclusive Inventory

Access all the leading marketplaces and take advantage of thousands of private marketplace deals.


Advanced Ad Targeting

Curate custom audiences using three distinct targeting methods: addressable, behavioral, and demographic.


Plan Effective Campaigns

Determine a campaign's budget and estimated effectiveness—before launch—with's Rating Point Calculator.


Measure Success with Confidence

Track in-store visits and web-based conversions from users who receive one of your CTV ads.


Complement Your Linear TV Buys

Target at the zip code level to reach a relevant audience of CTV consumers based on demos and viewing habits.’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution used GPS data paired with platlines to match each address to the exact physical location, shape, and size of the property. It then built target zones around each property for targeting devices with CTV campaigns.

additional in-store visits to over 60 retail locations.

video completion rate.

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    Target relevant audiences with household-level precision—at a national scale with over 126M homes available.
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