Managing Tasks and Assignments

Tackle tasks confidently with a powerful suite of tools adaptable for any type of client work.

Dynamic Project Management Tools

Make Your Work Work for You


Efficiently Assign Tasks

Choose from three different task delegation styles: scheduled assignments to keep everyone focused and operating on a timeline, stand-alone assignments that allow you to use system tools without building out a schedule, and routed assignments to keep complex, multistep workflows streamlined.


Manage Your Way

Communicate, collaborate, and complete your tasks with three ways to manage workloads: A desktop view to display your tasks in an organized way, Agile Kanban and Scrum boards to simplify teamwork, and an assignments and alerts inbox to stay on top of all work in progress.


Configure Timelines to Your Workflows

Configure schedules and task details to fit your organizational style with customizable, user-friendly timeline modes and views and the ability to manage multiple projects—simultaneously—from one screen.


Make Resourcing Easy

See your team’s allocated hours augmented with real-time, actual workload data from the timeline itself, so you can review over-allocated or underutilized team members—and maximize production.

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