The Standard

For Mobile Advertising

Scaled Location-Based
Targeting Without
Sacrificing Precision

Access our expansive network of programmatic mobile inventory using precise, location-based targeting methods across a global scale.

Store-Level Reporting
& Foot Traffic Lift

Apply our precise targeting methods with granular reporting metrics including store-level reporting and foot traffic lift measurement.

Proprietary DMP With
Time-Stamped GPS Data

Our proprietary DMP operates in conjunction with our DSP, serving ads to mobile devices based on privacy-compliant, time-stamped GPS data.

Custom Polygon Tool for Precise Target & Conversion Zone Mapping's custom polygon tool promotes greater accuracy in location targeting & conversion measurement with every physical location.

In-House Geo-Fence Finder Tool for Ease of Target Identification & Activation

Use our Geo-Fence Finder Tool to locate & target places by name, type, or group (i.e., golf courses, retail stores, restaurants, & more).

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