Addressable Audience Curation: Better ROI and Less Wasted Impressions


As businesses continue to adapt to the changing conditions caused by COVID-19, we realize that reducing waste and maximizing ROI are top priorities for our advertisers and partners. A significant way that we at can help advertisers achieve these goals is with Addressable Audience Curation.

It makes sense that, the more granular and customized the audience, the less wasted impressions will occur. This in turn translates to a higher ROI on campaigns. Let’s explore how this works.


Curating Localized Audiences at the National Level

With Addressable Audience Curation (AAC), advertisers can easily curate addressable audiences in real-time based on location and demographic data using the AAC tool. Location data can be filtered by postal code, city/metro, congressional districts, and more. Advertisers can then build and activate a custom household-level audience in real-time using more than 500 offline data variables (including demographic, economic, and political variables) for inclusion or
exclusion via full Boolean capabilities. This is truly granular audience creation at your fingertips, and it can be implemented on the national scale.

What this means for advertisers is that ads can be served to the right households based on a number of demographic variables. And at a time when it is essential to make sure advertising is as effective as possible, reaching the right person at the right time with a relevant message has never been easier.

Once the ideal audience has been curated, you can then utilize our Addressable Geo-Fencing solution to target all devices seen within the household. After all, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues and social distancing becomes the new normal, people are spending more and more of their time at home. It is essential for businesses to be able to effectively reach consumers in their homes in order to increase online sales.


Putting It All Together

Consider a major fast food brand with multiple brick-and-mortar locations across the U.S. With so many consumers remaining homebound during this time, they will need to find digital ways to promote various food ordering and delivery services, prices and deals, and/or store hours. Using’s AAC tool, the chain can curate an audience of households based on variables like: age of residents in the household, number of children, number of adults, discretionary spend, and those who live within postal codes near their various stores.

Once the audience is curated, the advertiser can then serve mobile, video, and/or OTT/CTV ads to each household across all devices (and for OTT/CTV advertising, across both the large and small screens). What’s more, offers advertisers the ability to target users based on individual, relevant data elements and then optimize the campaign throughout its duration to maximize performance. The end result is maximum performance and minimum wasted impressions. For advertisers, this means increased cost-savings and a significantly better ROI for their campaigns.
If you want to learn more about granular audience curation with AAC, please reach out to us at Stay well.