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Online trading is volatile by nature, particularly for alternative investment options like cryptocurrency and precious metals. With sales often based on alternating cycles of fear and greed that can change by the hour, investment platforms are constantly looking to bring on new users and drive trading volume. This presents a major opportunity for smart advertisers who can react quickly and adjust their targeting efforts on the fly.

Vaultoro, an online exchange which allows the trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for physical gold, was recently seeking a new advertising partner to improve performance in this dynamic environment. They were drawn to for unmatched granularity in targeting and reporting, and the ability to rapidly boost or reduce spend in certain areas mid-campaign flight. With’s use of variable recency and ability to target at the individual data-element level, Vaultoro knew they could reach users at the right time with the right mix of targeting tactics.



For Vaultoro, this meant quickly responding to changes in the market in order to bring new users onto the platform who were ready to trade. They wanted to drive prospective traders to their website where they could complete a process of form fills and uploading verification documentation for regulatory compliance. Once the onboarding was complete, would count the user as a conversion. Vaultoro’s goal was to achieve a Cost Per Action (CPA), defined as a completed conversion, of $30.


GRANULAR AUDIENCE TARGETING developed a comprehensive targeting strategy across both online and offline tactics, including keyword contextual search retargeting, site retargeting, geo-fencing, and geo-optimization. The campaign featured more than 500 keywords related to cryptocurrencies, Vaultoro’s competitors, precious metals, investments, banking, and more. added site retargeting and geo-optimization to reach users around the world who were visiting websites related to alternative investment trading, including Vaultoro’s website and other whitelisted domains.

For location-based targeting, built geo-fences around relevant locations with high concentrations of prospective traders like banks, gold exchanges, and tech companies. The team also added event targeting to capture users at the exact locations and times of cryptocurrency conferences for retargeting.



After campaign launch, closely monitored the campaign to make optimizations for performance. The system automatically worked to drive down the CPA by focusing on users most likely to complete the conversion steps. Meanwhile, could seamlessly shift budgets in real time between targeting tactics, keywords, creatives, locations, and more. This directed the spend on the highest-performing tactics and provided more exposure from the highest performing keywords.

Additionally, variable recency meant that could quickly react to changes in the marketplace and drive eager traders to sign-up. In a fast-moving trading environment, Vaultoro knew it was important to target users while they were actively searching for and reading about cryptocurrency and precious metal trading. That meant targeting users instantly to within 15 minutes of when they searched for a keyword. However, in more calm times, recency could be adjusted to one week or one month to always keep Vaultoro top-of-mind and continue to drive sign-ups.



With multiple granular targeting tactics and quick mid-flight optimizations, successfully drove a high volume of low-cost conversions. On the first day of the campaign, Vaultoro already saw a CPA with that was less than half of what they experienced with another digital advertising vendor. Over the next two months, continued to optimize and improve performance with the online tactics achieving a $28.27 CPA, exceeding the $30 goal.

“ is magic! This tool is for anyone that wants to lower marketing spend and up traction through outrageously precise customer targeting. Anyone in the know is using this tool to grow their business. It’s so good I feel like I’m cheating!”
-Josh Scigala, Vaultoro Co-Founder and CEO


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