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Next week, millions will fill out brackets for the upcoming month of basketball madness. In honor of this event, we’re building a “bracket” of our own today. Our flexible targeting solutions help advertisers plan winning audiences in various ways. We offer real-time audience planning and activation from a single platform. With our addressable programmatic solutions, advertisers win with custom audience controls.


The truth behind audience planning is that there’s not one linear way to do it for everybody. For example, let’s use “parents with children under 3” as a targeting parameter. If we’re selling diapers, this audience makes perfect sense. But, if we’re promoting a bar crawl social outing, they might not fit as well. That’s not to say parents can’t have their fair share of fun. Or, that adults without kids aren’t a desirable target audience. The reality is that advertisers need accessible targetability options now more than ever.

In short, “building a winning bracket” means you can tap into the right audience for your brand’s needs. This requires an easy-to-use planning solution with the ability to execute and perform. With our planning tool, build and activate custom household-level audiences.’s Addressable Audience Curation (AAC) tool is available to all our advertisers. Planning, creating, and activating audiences in real-time has never been easier. With no added cost, you can tap into 700+ data variables to create custom audiences with ease.

Our advertisers reach ideal audiences based on these demographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors. Deliver ads to your target audiences using any of the following sample variables:

Demographics (age, education, gender, ethnicity, marital status, number of children, etc.)


Financial Data (estimated household income ranges, net worth, credit card data variables, etc.)


Household Data (political party affiliations, military members and veterans, voter status, etc.)


Occupational Data (student, part-time, full-time, homemaker, management, industry-specific, etc.)


Hobbies & Interests (wide variety of sports, arts & crafts, cooking, fishing, skiing, photography, etc.)

All the above variables, and many more, can factor into creating your custom audiences. Another benefit to this tool is its lack of limitations. You aren’t limited to one audience, or even one targeting factor. Better yet, you can use inclusion and exclusion rules to create your ideal audience. Learn how a vehicle manufacturer used our addressable solution to promote its products.


For more flexible targeting options, we also ingest CRM address-level data. This provides the benefits of our addressable programmatic solutions for in-house customer data. For example, let’s stick with the same example and pretend we’re selling diapers again. And, let’s say you’re launching a subscription model to increase customer loyalty. With addressable, you could target a list of recent purchasers at the household-level. Experience all the benefits of our addressable solutions, with no added cost.

Then, double-down on the benefits and target at the household-level with various creatives. Our addressable campaigns support CTV, video, display, audio, and native ad delivery. Target those users across different devices by running a fully-programmatic creative mix. Reach users streaming premium content on their OTT/CTV devices. And, extend that footprint by delivering ads to their desktops, laptops, and smartphones. All the while, target with the intention of driving quantifiable results and attribution.

With our addressable programmatic solutions, advertisers track online and offline attribution. We support a variety of goal types, including the following primary goals: CPA, CPV, CTR, and VCR. Use our report center to track an online cart value and sale counts to produce ROAS metrics. Or, attribute true store visits to your campaigns at the household-level. We provide the analytics needed to measure the successfulness of your addressable efforts. And, our flexible service model ensures you have access to meaningful data at all times.

While targetability options matter for variable needs, everyone loves an easy-to-use platform. From one screen, view performance, shift budgets, and optimize campaigns across various channels. See which creatives work versus the ones that don’t. View location-specific metrics down to the zip+4 postal code level. Know the health of your campaigns, and make meaningful changes on the go. It’s that simple.


There’s no sacrificing precision or scale, when using our addressable programmatic solutions.’s platform further automates your advertising efforts with a single log-in. All this, and more, with our enhanced targeting, advanced attribution, and seamless workflow.
Build a winning bracket by incorporating’s addressable solutions in your mix.
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