Case Study: Global Luxury Retailer Maximizes Low-Cost Conversions and Outperforms Third-Party Segments With Geo-Fencing From


Driving Traffic To Jewelry Storefronts

Performance advertisers are constantly seeking the most effective and efficient ways to drive conversions. They are faced with the challenge of determining which channels will increase their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and drive consumers into their business while keeping costs low. That means utilizing precise targeting technology to reach the right customers with relevant messaging, as well as granular attribution capabilities to gauge results.

One of the world’s largest luxury retailers was looking to increase foot traffic to 1,317 of their storefronts across multiple states. They partnered with to utilize Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zone technology over a month-long campaign and also provided third-party segments to compare performance. The goal was to maximize in-store visits at a low Cost Per Store Visit (CPSV). Together, and the client created a comprehensive targeting plan to reach those interested in jewelry and maximize conversions to the client’s locations.


Precise Location-Based Targeting

First, the advertiser provided a list of competitor stores in order to target consumers who were actively shopping for jewelry at similar nearby locations. With’s Geo-Fencing solution, the team then built target fences around the exact shape and size of each location to capture users who visited the competitor stores. The campaign then served display ads to these shoppers for up to thirty days following their initial in-store visit.

The client also provided with third-party audience segments consisting of jewelry intenders and past jewelry purchasers. targeted these users with display ads in order to expand the campaign’s reach and compare performance of the third-party segments to’s proprietary Geo-Fencing solution.

In order to track physical conversions for both targeting efforts, the team drew custom-shaped Conversion Zones around each of the advertiser’s retail locations. reported the number of visits to each individual jewelry store from users who were previously served an ad.


Geo-Fencing Outperforms Third-Party Segments

The month-long campaign achieved a $8.22 CPSV for Geo-Fencing compared to a $64.84 CPSV for third-party segments, clearly highlighting how’s proprietary solution delivered much stronger performance. By leveraging’s precise location-based targeting capabilities to reach users who visited competitor stores, the jeweler was able to drive more in-store conversions at a much lower cost than they could via third-party segments.


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