Case Study: Gourmet Coffee Brand Uses’s Campaign Audience Retargeting to Maximize Low-Cost Conversions


Advertiser Overview
•  Premium Italian coffee brand with a presence online and in retail stores
•  Used a blended mix of creative types to maximize conversions at an overall lower cost
•  Sought to drive in-person visits to locations where their products are sold
Agency Overview
•  Results-oriented, direct response agency focused on driving measurable outcomes
•  Partnered with to enhance their performance marketing efforts
•  Used’s Campaign Audience Retargeting to drive lower-funnel actions
Overall Results
•  $7.81 Cost Per Action
•  9,476 In Person Visits

Budget Distribution
•  Initial CTV & Pre-Roll Video = 89%
•  Campaign Audience Retargeting Display = 11%



Driving Visits with Campaign Audience Retargeting

Advertisers who target users with relevant ads based on their position in the sales funnel experience a 73% higher conversion rate. By blending creative types, performance advertisers can successfully reach consumers along their customer journey and in turn drive higher conversions and lower campaign costs.

Recently, a premium coffee was looking to do just that by combining CTV advertising with pre-roll video and display creatives to guide users through the sales funnel and drive more conversions at an overall lower cost. By using’s Campaign Audience Retargeting solution, they were able to serve CTV and video ads to relevant users, and then retarget those same users with display ads.

Ultimately, the brand wanted to maximize in-person visits to grocery stores where their products were sold., the brand, and the agency developed a strategy to merge CTV ads with pre-roll video and display ads to drive performance and ultimately reduce the average Cost Per Action (CPA). The team leveraged a mix of’s targeting solutions including addressable programmatic, location-based targeting, and behavioral targeting to reach a relevant audience and accomplish their goal.

Custom Audiences for Addressable Targeting

First, the advertiser leveraged’s addressable programmatic solution to precisely reach their target market at the household-level. They used’s Addressable Audience Curation tool to build a custom addressable audience in real-time based on location data and by choosing from over 3,000 demographic variables.

In order to target likely premium coffee drinkers, they selected users interested in “Gourmet Cooking” and “Luxury Life”. The tool identified 827,000 addresses in 190 ZIP codes within a five-mile radius of grocery store locations where the brand’s products were sold.

With this audience,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution used GPS data paired with plat lines to match each address to the exact physical location, shape, and size of the property. The system then automatically built a target fence around each property to serve CTV and pre-roll video ads.

Targeting Shoppers Based on Locations They Visit

In addition to addressable targeting, the team used’s Geo-Fencing solution to find potential customers based on geographic locations. drew 396 target fences around grocery stores and coffee shops within five miles of where the brand’s products could be found. This enabled the advertiser to target users who visited those locations in order to reach active shoppers. Additionally,’s cross-device graph matched all of a user’s devices to serve video ads on desktops and connected TVs, not just smartphones.

Reaching Intent-Based Users with Online Behavioral Targeting

The advertiser also deployed’s Keyword Search Retargeting to reach users who indicated interest in coffee based on their online searches. implemented 5,400+ keywords including Starbucks, café, and more to serve CTV and pre-roll video ads to those actively looking for coffee-related material online.

Maximizing Conversions at a Lower Cost with Campaign Audience Retargeting

With top-of-funnel CTV and pre-roll video ads in place, the advertiser tapped into’s Campaign Audience Retargeting and followed-up by serving display ads to previously exposed users.’s platform automatically added new devices to a dedicated retargeting audience that were served either a CTV or pre-roll video ad. The campaign then delivered display ads tailored to those users with previous exposure. This enabled the brand to reinforce messaging, encourage calls to action, and drive down the overall CPA.

Attributing In-Person Visits and Measuring Success

Furthermore, the team used’s Conversion Zone technology in order to attribute store visits. The brand provided a list of 209 locations where their products were sold. Then, drew a Conversion Zone around each individual retail location. This allowed the team to measure store visits based on each targeting tactic, and determine if the visit resulted from the initial or retargeted audience.’s Campaign Audience Retargeting helped maximize conversions and decrease the overall CPA. In total, the campaign delivered 9,476 in-store visits at a $7.81 CPA. The Campaign Audience Retargeting display ads accounted for both 11% of the budget and of the total conversions. Specifically, the advertiser measured a $7.85 CPA for the initial CTV and pre-roll video ads and $7.48 for the retargeted display ads, showing the value of blending creative types for maximizing low-cost conversions.
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