Commentary: Driving Client Satisfaction During Times of Uncertainty


By: Elizabeth Brockey, Chief Customer Officer at

In this new environment shaped by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are all facing a new set of challenges as many businesses continue to work remotely or under a hybrid approach. Client-facing organizations are struggling to adapt their new (and often rapidly-changing) workflows in a way that continues to ensure client satisfaction. This is especially true when working with clients in industries that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. At a time when standard operating procedures are being completely overhauled, teams are left to figure out how to handle change not only within their own companies, but with their clients as well.

Fortunately, even in periods of uncertainty and adversity there are proven strategies to help businesses meet these challenges and ultimately reimagine the client/business partnership so that we can continue to deliver exceptional results during exceptionally difficult times. In this post, we’ll look at three ways organizations can drive client satisfaction while dynamically managing their own workforce.

Stay Nimble

To achieve a high level of client satisfaction across the board, employees need to be given the flexibility to do what’s best for each individual client. At, we don’t enforce arbitrary metrics like minimum daily numbers of calls or emails. Rather, each team member has the freedom to determine what they need to do to keep their clients happy.

Different clients have different needs and preferences. Some might prefer minimum contact, while others greatly appreciate regular phone calls and check-ins. And with many clients experiencing turmoil in their businesses and even losing colleagues to lay-offs, it’s especially important that our teams be able to give extra attention and care when necessary.

Client satisfaction can’t be painted with a broad brush. Keep your teams nimble so that each clients’ needs can be properly met.


Go Above and Beyond

We want our team members to always be asking the question: how can I make my clients’ lives easier? Empathy is essential to client satisfaction—putting ourselves in a client’s shoes to identify their specific issues and challenges. Then, figure out creative ways to help the client meet them and excel at their role.

This is a proactive process. Our team members strive to meet client needs as they arise, before the client even has the time or inclination to ask. This also goes to number one. Keeping your teams nimble makes it possible for them to be proactive. This way, we’re always effectively working for our clients and helping them to maintain (and even win new!) business.

We also expect our teams to be continually coming up with unique and innovative insights into how they can best serve clients. This might mean making sure a client understands exactly how’s platform can best benefit their business, and regularly making sure our solutions are always optimized to clients’ business needs. And in uncertain times like 2020, we want to plan ahead with clients for moving successfully through the rest of the year; this also requires staying abreast of industry developments and how they affect each client (e.g. this year a client might have to allocate more budget to get the same reach as in previous years).

Finally, we have to be on the same page with clients in regards to goals. Our team members take extra care to always be aligned with their clients on what the end goals are and if they have changed.


Transparency Goes a Long Way

This year has not just been hard on clients—2020 has worn on all of us. As leaders, it’s our responsibility to do our best to keep employees mentally and emotionally healthy. If we don’t, morale and motivation drops and client satisfaction will suffer.

At, we make it a top priority to be transparent with our employees and keep the lines of communication open. For example, since the onset of the pandemic our CEO has hosted all-hands calls to keep everyone informed on the state of the company and where we’re headed. And questions are always welcomed. This way, we minimize uncertainty and build confidence, which lets our teams keep their focus where it needs to be: keeping clients happy.