Credit Union Promotes Financial Services to a Multicultural Audience Using’s Programmatic Solutions


Advertiser Overview
•  Credit union with a strong presence in South Texas
•  Sought to increase in-person visits and website traffic
•  Targeted English and Spanish speakers to share information about financial services
Agency Overview
•  Full-service advertising agency that works specifically with credit unions and franchises across the country
•  Partnered with for more than two years on behalf of multiple advertisers
•  Relies on’s location-based solutions to help multi-location brands
•  0.16% CTR for All Audiences
•  0.18% CTR for Spanish-Speaking Audience
•  211 Total Conversions
•  $18.95 Cost Per Action



Credit Union Raises Awareness with Multicultural Audience

71% of consumers believe that it is important that a brand promotes and supports their products and services in their native language (BusinessWire). Fortunately, multicultural advertisers have a unique ability to build custom audiences based on language and thousands of other relevant demographic variables with’s addressable programmatic solutions. Recently, a credit union recognized this opportunity to increase awareness and drive in-person visits with distinct efforts focused on both English and Spanish speakers.

The credit union tasked their agency with developing a plan to increase visits to four branch locations in San Antonio, Texas. The full-service digital agency focuses on credit unions and franchises across the country, and has partnered with for more than two years. Initially, they chose as their programmatic provider to leverage Geo-Fencing technology to drive visits to physical storefronts on behalf of multi-location businesses at scale. After experiencing success with location-based advertising, the agency expanded the partnership by incorporating Addressable Geo-Fencing for precise household-level targeting.

In order to accomplish their goals, the team curated a custom audience using’s Addressable Audience Curation tool to target users at the household-level. The advertiser sought to target both English and Spanish speakers with varying degrees of income, credit scores, and proximity to their credit unions. The team also implemented location-based targeting and behavioral targeting to reach a relevant audience. Additionally, set up the campaign to measure in-store visits and track online conversions, including “Learn More” and “Call Now” button clicks.


Targeting by Language, Location, and Financial Demographics

First, the advertiser used’s Addressable Audience Curation tool to build an audience in real-time based on location data and by choosing from more than 3,000 demographic variables. The advertiser created multiple audiences based on spoken language, income, and location using the following selections:

  • Spanish Speakers: Spanish-speaking households with a yearly income of $45K or less located within 58 ZIP codes
  • Credit Score: Low and medium credit score holders located within 640 ZIP codes
  • Income: Household incomes between $35k-$54K per year located within 640 ZIP codes
  • San Antonio: Adults ages 18-74 with a household income between $35K-$44K located within 63 ZIP codes

With a combined audience of more than 1 million households,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution used GPS data paired with plat lines to match each address to the exact physical location, shape, and size of the property. The system then automatically built a target fence around each property to precisely serve ads. The advertiser chose to use display and also included native ads to provide users a cohesive and familiar experience based on the website they visited. Furthermore, the Spanish-speaking audience received ads in Spanish to maximize impact in their primary language.

In addition to addressable programmatic, the team deployed’s Geo-Fencing solution to target users who recently visited businesses such as payday lenders and local auto dealerships. drew target zones around more than 120 nearby businesses in order to serve the same display and native ads to users who recently visited one of the designated locations.

Conversion Zones allowed the advertiser to track offline conversions attributable to the Addressable Geo-Fencing and Geo-Fencing tactics. drew Conversion Zones around four of the credit union’s locations to measure in-person visits. Additionally,’s transparent reporting demonstrated valuable information such as which households and target fences drove the most foot traffic to each individual location.


Reaching an Audience Based on Behavior

The advertiser also used’s behavioral targeting tactics to reach users based on their online actions. Keyword Search Retargeting enabled them to identify users who were actively searching for financial content and were located near the credit union’s locations. implemented over 2,000 keywords including personal loans, refinancing, and car buying to serve display and native ads. Additionally, the brand deployed Site Retargeting to serve ads to users who had visited their website.

Measuring Attribution for English and Spanish-Speaking Audiences

During the first six months of the multilingual campaign,’s granular reporting capabilities have provided valuable insights. The advertiser gauged performance based on the language, keywords, individual store locations, device type, and more. This enabled and the agency to maximize campaign performance by optimizing to the highest-performing campaign elements. In total, measured 211 conversions including in-person visits, and online “Learn More” and “Call Now” button clicks at a Cost Per Action of $18.95. set up the campaign based on language, thus allowing the advertiser to directly compare results across each audience. The brand measured a unique user reach of 464,078 people overall, and a unique reach of 83,704 for the Spanish-speaking audiences. Furthermore, the campaign achieved a CTR of .16% overall, and .18% for the Spanish-speaking audience. As a result, the advertiser extended the campaign and still partners with for their programmatic needs.


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