Grow Your Customer Base & Drive Sales With Back-To-School Shoppers


The busy retail season of back-to-school shopping is in full swing. Advertisers should rely on partners who offer the technological resources needed to perform.’s targeting and attribution provide scaled precision with meaningful insights. Learn how we can help grow your customer base and drive sales during the busiest times of the year.


Back-to-school (BTS) shopping runs between the 4th of July through Labor Day. A key event in that slate is Amazon’s Prime Day, which kicked off earlier today. A recent consumer trends report predicts big spending on Prime Day as shoppers get ahead on BTS shopping. It’s also expected that this year’s back-to-school event will set a new record with $812 billion in sales.

This massive retail shopping event provides plenty of opportunities for advertisers. To that end, the nature of programmatic works in the retail marketer’s favor. It enforces brand awareness while providing the tools needed to drive sales. As a leader in programmatic, offers precise targeting and advanced analytics. These two tools paired together lead to greater performance and clearer insights.


Advertisers have the perfect opportunity to reach parents as they stock up on BTS essentials, including clothing, school supplies, dorm essentials, and more. With’s advanced targeting capabilities, we offer many strategic approaches.

1. Create a blended targeting strategy using location-based targeting offers location-based targeting via Geo-Fencing and Addressable Geo-Fencing. Conquest competitor store locations with our Geo-Fencing solution. Reach consumers at home with Addressable Geo-Fencing. Use our audience curation tool, or your own CRM addressable data, for custom audience household targeting. Let your ads go to work with these qualified audiences. And track the effectiveness of those ads in driving traffic into your stores.

2. Use behavioral targeting to reach relevant audiences about sales and deals

To reach online consumers, advertisers use our behavioral targeting solutions. We can target based on keyword searches with Search Retargeting. Reach users based on content consumption with Category Contextual targeting. And stay in touch with recent visitors and loyal customers using our Site Retargeting solution. All these targeting methods apply when using our advanced online attribution metrics.

All these targeting strategies work across every major programmatic media format. Target consumers with CTV, video, display, mobile, audio, and native ad formats.


Back-to-school advertisers can apply precise targeting with advanced attribution.’s analytics provide insight into campaign performance with consumers online and offline.

1. Measure sales and cart values with advanced online attribution reporting

Know how behavioral targeting drives online action with full attribution reporting. We tie actual sales and cart dollar values to specific keywords, apps, and domains. At the campaign level, this informs advertisers of what’s working best. And it leads to greater performance with the ability to optimize on the go while the campaign is live.

2. Track store visits to individual locations with GPS-based offline attribution

See how location-based targeting leads to increased visitation with store visit reporting. We analyze performance on a location-by-location basis. This means a retail advertiser knows what stores see more visitation due to our efforts. And like with our online attribution, these insights drive decision-making for greater performance. We can shift budgets and strategies by location during the campaign’s flight.’s targeting and attribution provide retail advertisers with a winning combination. Make your efforts targeted and measurable with back-to-school shoppers by working with us.
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