How’s Campaign Audience Retargeting Offering Benefits Digital Advertisers


Across the digital landscape, advertisers often seek to increase performance and cut costs. With’s Campaign Audience Retargeting offering, we make that possible. Retarget users who saw one of your ads and reach them with different creative types. Drive higher performance and decrease total campaign costs by blending creative types and increasing unique touchpoints. Plus, reinforce messaging and guide users from awareness to conversion. Learn more about this offering by downloading our datasheet or by reading below.


In a world where advertisers long to understand the true impact of their ad spend, offers actionable solutions. Our dynamic targeting and reporting metrics provide a path for measurable performance gains. With our Campaign Audience Retargeting solution, we do so in these beneficial ways:

  • Drive actions by reaching users across a variety of touchpoints
  • Custom messaging to align with the user’s journey by serving ads across various creative types in any order
  • Frequency limits via retargeting opt-out audiences to ensure users will not be served additional ads and to eliminate potential impression waste
  • Track online or offline conversions, regardless of the user’s device

The goal for the above aligns creative messaging with the user journey. For example, generate awareness and then reinforce calls to action. To do so, use any combination of the following creative types: CTV, video, display, native, and audio.

Determine the initial campaign from which you would like to retarget. Then, we auto-identify users from that campaign who saw an ad, and we create a retargeting audience. And through an automated process, we remove the need for a complicated campaign set-up. We provide better performance faster on fewer impressions with less waste and greater insight.


Cost factors into the equation, without a doubt. But cost savings serve as a byproduct of improved performance.

As a performance-first tool, Campaign Audience Retargeting cuts costs by improving performance.

In other words, we lower campaign costs by increasing the value of each impression.

At its core, programmatic media buying focuses on buying one impression at a time. That’s been the scope of programmatic for several years. But the reality is that sees approximately 300 billion bid requests every day. Without a full suite of dynamic products and reporting, it’s impossible to do this at scale. With offerings like this, we automate media buying with a performance-first mindset, resulting in lower costs.

Additionally, you can combine different ad types to achieve high impact at a lower total cost. For example, mix CTV with cost-effective display ads in your retargeting efforts. With clear campaign insights available in real-time, optimize on the go. Coordinate your automated campaign setup to aim for performance at a lower cost.



For your specific marketing goals, a vast array of custom retargeting combinations exists. With various creative types, create custom processes to align with your target user’s journey. This flexible tool allows advertisers to decide what makes sense for their brand. There’s more than one way to succeed with Campaign Audience Retargeting. In a variety of ways, improve performance and cut costs as it suits your specific needs.

Furthermore, advertisers can limit frequency for specific combinations with opt-out audiences. In other words, use these custom retargeting combinations to dictate ad exposure rules. To that end, an advertiser could stop ad-serving once a specific user receives a series of ads. That’s a sole example in a world of possibilities for how this tool can increase performance at a lower cost.

For new and existing campaigns, this tool solves a wide range of needs with practicality. It improves performance while lowering total campaign costs. All with the automated functionality from an easy-to-use platform.
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