Independent Agency Chooses To Deploy Location and Behavioral Targeting Tactics for Medical Device Manufacturer


Advertiser Overview
•  Manufacturer of an optical medical device for elective surgical procedure
•  Sought to raise awareness in key markets across the U.S. and Canada
•  Targeted a unique audience through a variety of data-driven solutions
Agency Overview
•  One of the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S.
•  Full-service agency with a variety of clients and many key external vendors
•  Wanted to select a new managed-service programmatic partner
•  $14.64 Cost Per Action (Display and Pre-Roll)
•  $24.49 Cost Per Action (CTV)
•  $14.00 Cost Per Action (Campaign Audience Retargeting)



Agency Seeks New Managed-Service Programmatic Partner

In early 2022, a large independent agency sought a managed-service programmatic partner to increase their advertising capacity and overall performance. The agency wanted to compare the abilities of multiple programmatic solutions to pick a dedicated provider. They put head-to-head with another major programmatic vendor by comparing factors such as campaign activation efficiency, proprietary targeting technology, third-party data ingestion, and overall performance marketing metrics.

On behalf of a medical device brand, the agency and established a comprehensive programmatic advertising strategy for an initial campaign. The team applied’s proprietary behavioral and location-based targeting tactics, as well as third-party segments, to reach a relevant audience across the U.S. and Canada. In order to gauge performance, the campaign goal was to achieve a low Cost Per Action across online conversions such as “Find A Doctor” and “Quiz Submission” button clicks.


Reaching Potential Candidates Based on Location

The advertiser wanted to precisely reach potential customers who qualified for a particular elective procedure in relevant cities while maintaining compliance with healthcare-related privacy policies. To begin, the team deployed’s Geo-Fencing solution to target users who recently visited relevant locations such as doctor’s offices, optometrists, eyewear outlets, and grocery store optical centers. In just a few days, drew custom target zones around 4,443 businesses across 19 DMAs in the U.S. and Canada to capture users who visited these locations and then serve them display, pre-roll, and CTV ads.


Precise Targeting Based on Relevant Behavior Online

The brand also sought to reach users based on their online behavior. Using’s Keyword Search Retargeting, the advertiser identified users who were actively searching for relevant content and were located near the locations where the procedure is available. implemented over 5,400 keywords including contacts, eyeglasses, eyewear brand names, and more to serve display, pre-roll, and CTV ads. Additionally, the brand deployed Site Retargeting to serve ads to users who had recently visited their website.

Finally, the agency provided an existing third-party audience segment of users between the ages 25-54 who wear glasses or contacts in order to maximize reach and compare performance to’s proprietary solutions.


Lowering CPA by Blending Creative Types’s technology enabled the advertiser to drive more actions at a lower cost by reaching users across multiple touchpoints. After deploying CTV ads, the team leveraged’s Campaign Audience Retargeting solution to serve follow-up display ads.’s platform automatically added new devices to a dedicated retargeting audience of users who were served a CTV ad. Then, the campaign delivered display ads to reinforce messaging to users with previous exposure, encouraging additional calls to action and driving down the overall CPA. Outperforms Other Managed-Service Programmatic Offerings

The campaign achieved a CPA of $14.64 for display and pre-roll ads and $24.49 for CTV ads. Moreover,’s Campaign Audience Retargeting achieved a $14.00 CPA and helped maximize conversions while decreasing the overall CPA. Additionally,’s transparent reporting enabled the agency to view granular metrics by media type, device, and location.

Overall, outperformed other vendors in terms of strategy, support, and ultimately, campaign performance. As a result, the agency selected as the exclusive managed-service provider for their programmatic campaigns.


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