Industry Insights from’s Performance Marketing Report: Driving Metrics That Matter


Building brand awareness has long been the primary goal for traditional advertisers, which means delivering as many impressions as possible and hoping that they drive conversions. But increasingly, companies are shifting focus to ROI and ROAS in order to truly understand the impact of advertising on the bottom line. Now more than ever, advertisers need the right performance marketing tools to attribute conversions and ensure that every dollar counts.

With this in mind, has released our latest report: Performance Marketing – Driving Metrics That Matter. Read on to see some of the key industry insights found in this exciting new report.

With over 56,800 advertisers on the platform, running 390,000 campaigns from January through September of 2021, we wanted to see how advertisers are driving programmatic performance. What targeting tactics are advertisers implementing to reach their customers? What are the most effective targeting tactics that are driving conversions? Which industries are experiencing the greatest success? To answer these questions and more, we took a look into the data and trends on the platform to understand how advertisers are using performance marketing to generate leads and measure ROI.

Below are some of the key findings and insights across the top industries for 2021, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Home & Garden
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverages
  • And more

Additionally, find dynamic predictions regarding performance marketing in the near future.

Healthcare Brands Find Success with Site Retargeting and Location-Based Targeting

Healthcare brands are utilizing Site Retargeting and location-based targeting to reach and convert users. From Q1 to Q3, healthcare advertisers increased spend for Site Retargeting by 26%, Geo-Fencing by 31%, and Addressable Geo-Fencing by 25%. The increased spend on these targeting tactics also led to more conversions among the three.

Location-based targeting grew exponentially, with the number of Geo-Fencing conversions increasing by 389% from Q1 to Q3, and the number of Addressable Geo-Fencing conversions rising by 320% over the same period. This indicates that when healthcare advertisers target consumers based on proximity, they’re able to drive foot traffic into their locations and also increase online appointments for check-ups, vaccinations, and more.

In addition, the total number of Site Retargeting conversions increased significantly, growing by 279% between Q1 to Q3, as healthcare marketers retargeted consumers with relevant ads to re-engage users and drive an action.


Home & Garden Advertisers See High Conversions Using Location-Based Targeting

Home & garden advertisers increased spend across all targeting tactics during Q2 to reach homeowners who were preparing their yards for spring and seeking home improvement projects before summer began. However, in Q3, spend slightly decreased across all tactics compared to spend in Q2. Overall, marketers increased spend for Geo-Fencing by 57%, Addressable Geo-Fencing by 50%, and Keyword Search and Contextual Retargeting by 52% in Q3 compared to Q1.

Location-based targeting drew the highest increase in total conversions from Q1 to Q3. The total Addressable Geo-Fencing conversions increased by 568%, while total conversions for Geo-Fencing grew by 549% YTD. Advertisers saw the largest increase in conversions when targeting at the household-level and by proximity to drive local consumers to make in-store and online purchases from neighborhood nurseries and home improvement stores, and hire local handyman services. Total conversions for Keyword Search and Contextual Retargeting also grew at a slightly lower pace, increasing by 169% from Q1 to Q3 as advertisers successfully converted users searching for related products and services.


Automotive Advertisers Increase Spend on Location-Based Targeting and See Results

Automotive brands increased Geo-Fencing spend by 48% in Q3 compared to spend in Q1 to reach consumers who were shopping around at local dealerships. Advertisers heavily utilized location-based targeting and saw results from their efforts. The total number of Geo-Fencing conversions increased by 137%, and total Addressable Geo-Fencing conversions increased by 99% YTD, as advertisers successfully brought auto consumers onto their lots.


Site Retargeting and Location-Based Targeting Brings Results for Food & Beverages Industry

Restaurant advertisers increased spend on Addressable Geo-Fencing and Site Retargeting to reach relevant consumers with lower-funnel targeting. Addressable Geo-Fencing spend increased by 106%, while Site Retargeting spend grew by 75% in Q3 compared to spend in Q1.

Overall, restaurant advertisers saw the highest increase in conversions when using location-based targeting. Geo-Fencing had the largest increase in conversions, growing by 174% in Q3 compared to Q1 despite a decrease in spend. In addition, Addressable Geo-Fencing also experienced an increase in total conversions, growing by 621% in Q3 compared to conversions in Q1. The large growth in conversions indicates that advertisers found the best results when they target consumers based on proximity to their restaurants to drive in-person dinning, take-out orders and curbside pick-up.

Additionally, the report also contains insights on Real Estate, Finance, Education & Training, Business & Industrial, Jobs & Recruitment, and more. Check out the full report here to access these findings.

Performance Marketing Predictions for the Near Future

Overall, advertisers are utilizing’s granular targeting capabilities and advanced attribution tools to precisely reach their target audience, drive higher performance, and measure ROI and ROAS of their campaigns. The growth in spend across all of’s available targeting tactics indicates advertisers are increasingly shifting their priorities to focus on driving actions and minimizing wasted impressions as much as they can to ensure every dollar counts. The emphasis on performance marketing is here to stay as advertisers have the tools to drive and measure high conversions.
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