Maximize Efficiencies with an Omnichannel Programmatic Strategy


In today’s challenging environment, it’s more important than ever for media buyers to be able to seamlessly and efficiently execute advertising campaigns across many channels. Multiple partners can lead to major headaches for advertisers. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges advertisers are faced with, and how pursuing an omnichannel solution with can alleviate those problems.


Multiple Partners Can Lead to Major Headaches

Many media buyers today are in a situation where they are handling their programmatic journey across multiple partners and platforms. This can, unfortunately, lead to inefficiencies and confusion.

Buyers conduct their purchasing journey via a variety of channels, including mobile, video, display, native, OTT/CTV, and social. This leads to challenges like figuring out what campaigns will resonate with which audiences, where to allocate budget, and how to make adjustments that improve performance regardless of the channel, all while trying to keep the whole operation as seamless as possible.

Oftentimes, a brand’s media budget is split between the various channels; in some cases, digital agency partners are even using one vendor for each category. The end results of dealing with multiple vendors are that the brand must split its budget between an array of platforms and vendors, deal with multiple integrations and purchasing contracts, work with multiple interfaces to execute campaigns, sort through multiple reporting engines which don’t talk to each other, miss big opportunities for centralized optimizations, and more.

Talk about headaches! What buyers need is an omnichannel solution.


Streamline Your Programmatic with an Omnichannel Provider

Utilizing an omnichannel solution like is the cure for these various inefficiencies and entanglements. With, buyers can drive the following benefits from our omnichannel capabilities:

Streamline campaign processes and create efficiencies in workflows by consolidating your digital advertising tools into one platform.
Combine your programmatic and social campaigns through’s Facebook and Instagram via Managed-Service to create a comprehensive workflow for your digital marketing strategy.
Quickly optimize campaigns by reallocating spend to the highest performing channels and tactics to drive results through a variety of omnichannel solutions within’s UI.

Create single, comprehensive reports to analyze and understand how your campaigns are performing and make adjustments in real-time to drive higher performance.
Curate custom audiences and then target them at the household-level at scale across different tactics, all in the same platform.

With, your budget, campaign planning and execution, and access to all of your programmatic channels is all there on a single platform with a single provider. Not to mention, marketers have access to data in real-time on what devices or media types are performing (or not), and can then optimize accordingly on behalf of their client. With this level of insight, clients can steer programmatic performance as a whole and reallocate budgets to the most effective impressions and relevant messaging. This leads to significant increases in ROI, overall efficiency, and big decreases in confusion and time waste.

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