Mobile Marketing: How’s Product Suite Increases Store Visits with Ease of Execution


For advertisers with a physical store location, foot traffic reporting often acts as the universal measurement for the overall success of a campaign. offers the ability to track foot traffic from a wide variety of campaign types via any creative type (display, video, native, or connected TV) with precision and accuracy. Moreover, our focus on ease of execution at a fraction of the cost coupled with clear reporting and store-level analytics makes mobile marketing with a winning decision.

Superior Performance in Driving Store Visits

When store visits act as the primary goal, mobile marketing remains the focus. Delivering ads to users on their mobile devices and tracking those devices into your store (or your advertiser’s store) serves as a winning strategy for lowering your cost-per-visit (CPV) and driving incremental business to a physical store location.

What makes’s technology for driving store visits superior is the strong performance coupled with the flexibility of use. Generally, the lowest cost-per-visit typically occurs when implementing an attribution model that identifies users on their mobile devices, serves them an ad, and then sees that mobile device in-store (ex. Geo-Fencing competitor restaurants, serving those users ads, then tracking them into your restaurant). Additionally, we offer the ability to track visits with online-to-offline attribution setups (i.e., retargeting site visitors with the goal of tracking store visits) via our cross-device graphing.

Furthermore, advertisers can implement virtually any creative type (display, video, native, connected TV) and utilize our targeting options to deliver different types and styles of ads to the same users for maximum engagement. When paired with our reporting suite, advertisers can compare how one version of a programmatic display ad performed compared to another, then compared to how native, online video, and connected TV ads performed.

Ease of Execution via In-House Geo-Fence Finder Tool

With the use of’s Geo-Fence Finder tool, advertisers can quickly identify and accurately implement potential target fences for use in a Geo-Fence tactic. For example, a discount outlet store could target T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Ross, and Sierra stores within a specific mileage radius of their own brick-and-mortar locations. The discount outlet store in this example could accomplish this through the utilization of our in-house tool made available to all partners actively on our platform.

The ability to take advantage of a free resource with speed of implementation and accuracy of targeting significantly increases an advertiser’s ability to effectively scale campaigns for success when executing Geo-Fencing initiatives with This remains especially advantageous for multi-location brands and advertisers who need to quickly (and accurately) identify and target their competitors near each of their own store locations.

Crystal-Clear Reporting & Store-Level Analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which franchise location attributed the most store traffic from your advertising efforts over the past month? We can help with that. Within our report center, we offer crystal-clear reporting and analytics at the individual store level for well-informed optimizations and data-driven insights.

This could help answer a simple question like, “Which store accounted for the most traffic during the flight of the campaign?” Or it could answer a more complex question such as, “How many users went to a nearby Nordstrom Rack store, saw my ad, then visited my store?”

The granularity of our store-level reporting makes it both easy to understand and incredibly insightful to help tell the full story of how our ad delivery impacted the consumer buying journey for your customer base. To take that a step further, we offer Geo-Conversion Lift reporting to help illustrate the percentage lift in incremental visits caused by delivering ads to a targeted audience compared to a natural set of users who visited the location without being influenced by seeing an ad.

Key Benefits to Remember

In summary, remember these benefits offers when it comes to focusing on driving store visits with your programmatic media:

  • Superior performance with mobile store-visit attribution campaigns
  • Enhanced capability to track online-to-offline via cross-device graphing
  • Vast array of opportunities for targeting types and creative messaging
  • Ease of execution via our in-house Geo-Fence Finder tool
  • Crystal-clear reporting and store-level analytics


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