National Programmatic: Reaching Consumers Household by Household at Scale


As we have previously discussed, no two neighbors are alike. They have different preferences, different tastes, different buying behaviors, and more. It’s time to say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all approach to national advertising campaigns, and hello to national programmatic campaigns that enable audience targeting household by household.

The programmatic industry has come a long way over the years in terms of location-based targeting capabilities. In the past, advertisers had no choice but to use broader, more generalized audience targeting strategies (e.g. DMA, zip codes, etc.). Today, advertisers can get exponentially more granular and personalized with their digital ad campaigns.

Enter Addressable Programmatic from Now, advertisers can effectively reach consumers household by household on a national scale and take into account the various ways one household differs from another. This translates to less wasted impressions, higher ROI, and most importantly a more personalized and useful ad experience.


Household-Level Targeting at Scale with’s Addressable Geo-Fencing

In short,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing is the revolutionary new way to use digital advertising to target physical addresses of over 126 million U.S. households.

This is truly the most granular location-based targeting solution on the market—purpose-built with unparalleled precision and scale to be an effective targeting solution for any sized advertiser who is looking to run a national campaigns at the address-level and effectively reach every screen within each desired household. Ultimately, this results in relevant ad campaigns that reach each household based on their individual wants and needs.

By using GPS and plat line data for the utmost precision, geo-fences are drawn around a specific physical address allowing marketers to serve mobile, video, and/or OTT/CTV ads to users within the targeted household or business. No more wasted impression targeting certain DMAs, Zip Codes, or relevant surrounding neighborhoods in proximity to your business. This is truly a digital marketer’s dream for hitting the right person with the right ad at the right time.

What’s more? With’s Addressable Audience Curation tool, marketers can easily curate addressable audiences in real-time based on location and demographic data. Location data can be filtered by postal code, city/metro, congressional districts, carrier routes, radius from an address, and more. Advertisers can then filter their addressable audience with over 500 categories of household demographic, political, and economic variables all within’s system. What makes this tool so cool is that it enables advertisers to easily execute household addressable programmatic advertising using highly scalable and accurate demographic, political, and purchase data without having to possess first party data or purchase targeting lists from data brokers.


Tap into Advanced OTT/CTV Advertising with’s Addressable Programmatic

It’s 2020, and OTT/CTV advertising continues to grow exponentially. Marketers must be able to successfully reach consumers across OTT/CTV devices with relevant, personalized ads. Thanks to’s Addressable OTT/CTV solution, marketers can now deliver advanced TV advertising at the household-level nationwide.

Addressable audience targeting is the most precise, granular, and scalable way to serve video creative to individual households via OTT/CTV devices. And it also gives marketers the capability of targeting either the big screen in the living room and/or small screens such as mobile devices and tablets.

Simply put, our Addressable OTT/CTV targeting solution is the most effective and impactful way to target tens of millions of CTV households. We use GPS and plat line data to target physical addresses so that only the right households and devices get targeted. This means significantly better ROI and less wasted impressions, since each household can be targeted individually and distinctly based on different factors.


Proving The Value of Addressable Targeting

Ultimately, all advertisers need to know two things: did my campaign have an impact; and if so, how much. This is particularly applicable when it comes to addressable, since campaigns can be measured and reported on at such a granular level. has the answer with foot traffic attribution for both our Addressable Geo-Fencing and Addressable OTT/CTV solutions.

Thanks to pinpoint-accurate mobile technology and unrivaled cross-device matching from, advertisers can track the number of users who were served an addressable ad and then visited the advertiser’s location. By measuring offline conversions, it’s easy to show the impact that your campaigns are having on the bottom line.

Now advertisers can see how each household is responding to digital ads, and adjust and optimize accordingly. This is truly next-level targeting and attribution.

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