New Conversion Zones from Enable Advertisers to Easily Track Store Visits Driven by Mobile Advertising Campaigns


Mobile Attribution Solution Extends’s Industry Leading Platform for Localized Programmatic Advertising

(March 8, 2016 – Fort Worth, TX) –, the company that brings the power of programmatic advertising to localized campaigns, today announced Conversion Zones, which enable businesses to track store traffic driven by mobile advertising campaigns. Conversion Zones are customizable geo-fences around a location that identify the number of consumers that received the business’ mobile advertisement and then physically visit the location. By tracking this way, Conversion Zones allow advertisers to more accurately gauge and optimize the effectiveness of their mobile advertising campaigns.

By 2020 more than 72 percent of digital ad spend will be focused on mobile devices, according to a 2015 eMarketer study.’s Conversion Zones use’s unstructured data capabilities to target locations more precisely than grid-based systems. The power of precise location targeting combined with accurate conversion attribution gives advertisers a way to capitalize on the opportunity mobile represents while measuring the effectiveness of their localized mobile campaigns.’s Conversion Zones:

  • Build off of’s Geo-Fencing capabilities, which the company brought to market in 2015.
  • Enable advertisers to easily track Cost Per Visit and Total Visit Rate (TVR) for all their mobile geo-fenced campaigns.
  • Leverage’s massive data network and using inter-device matching to increase data signals and scale campaigns without having to expand the geo-targeted location making both Conversion Zones and Geo-Fencing highly scalable.
  • Provide precise tracking as they enable businesses to ‘draw’ custom geo-shapes and track only those individuals that cross into those boundaries.
  • Extend’s industry leading capabilities in localized programmatic advertising.

As the only programmatic platform that bids, optimizes and reports using unstructured data, including recency, across all inventory types, is the most effective platform for localized campaigns at any scale.