OTT/CTV Advertising: Achieve Advanced Attribution Unheard of with Linear TV


Previously on the blog, we discussed the importance and benefits of OTT/CTV advertising for linear TV buyers. Thanks to’s OTT/CTV advertising solution, linear buyers can effectively reach the same audience they are used to targeting on linear, and extend their audience and achieve incremental reach by connecting with consumers they may otherwise not be able to reach on linear TV. This is, quite simply, a game changer.

We’ve taken a look at the precise targeting opportunities available with’s OTT/CTV advertising solution —now let’s dive into’s advanced attribution capabilities that would be unheard of in linear TV.

Unprecedented Granularity in Both Attribution and Reporting offers the most granular and localized attribution and reporting in the industry. While most DSPs report on performance at the segment-level, is the only programmatic platform that can execute nationwide addressable campaigns while producing hyperlocal conversion reporting (Zip+4) and multi-location level visitation conversions and Geo-Conversion Lift reporting. And after an OTT/CTV ad is served, can report back stats such as the completion rate, app delivery, mute and pause rates, and more.’s OTT/CTV solution, can provide advertisers with advanced metrics that would be unheard of in linear, such as:
Attribute Online Browser-Based Conversions for Any Size Campaign:
Track online conversions, such as visiting an advertiser’s website, completing a form-fill, adding a product to a shopping cart, purchasing a product, and more.

Real-Time Foot Traffic Attribution and Lift Reporting for Any Size Campaign:
This type of reporting can be deployed on all campaigns, including OTT/CTV. This is true store-level reporting for campaigns ranging from one location to thousands.

Addressable Campaign Conversion Reporting at Zip+4 Level:
With this reporting, advertisers get actionable data and insights on campaign performance as granular as one side of a street or specific floors in multi-floor buildings.

CTV Device-Level Delivery and Performance Reporting:
This lets advertisers target and report on specific CTV devices consumers are accessing, providing actionable data and insights on web enabled content consumption access points.


Additionally, our reporting is not just location-based. We can also report at the keyword-level, thanks to our behavioral targeting capabilities. This provides unique insights into what consumer behaviors are driving actions, such as the keywords they are searching, context they are reading, and other online behaviors.

What’s more, after an OTT/CTV ad is served, can report back stats such as the completion rate, app delivery, mute and pause rates, and more.


Sample Reports: A Quick Snapshot of’s OTT/CTV Reporting

Below, we’ve provided a sample campaign report view so you can get a small taste of what makes this so special.
Additionally, has the ability to add visualizations into each report, providing you with the options to view your performance via charts, graphs, heat maps, and more. Create visualization to make data easier to consume, use, interpret, analyze, and find trends.

To begin benefitting from these advanced attribution capabilities, reach out to us at