Performance Marketing with Driving Metrics that Matter


In traditional advertising channels, brand awareness has always been a top goal. This entailed getting in front of the largest audience possible. Even though advertisers didn’t have the capabilities to track ROI in a granular manner, it was reasonable to assume that if ads were seen by a large enough audience, some number of actions would result.

However, as we recover from the pandemic and ROI and ROAS are front and center, we find ourselves in a time where the priorities and capabilities of performance marketing are more important than ever. When advertisers can drive measurable actions, they know their money is being well spent and they’re getting bang for their buck.

While brand awareness is still an important consideration, the highest priority now lies with being able to influence and track an action to prove out ROI and ROAS. And with’s granular targeting capabilities, advertisers can now reach a precise audience of consumers who are most likely to take an action. This eliminates wasted impressions and drives the highest ROI for your business.’s targeting capabilities eliminate wasted impressions and drive the highest ROI for your business.

What’s more, with’s advanced attribution capabilities, advertisers can track both online and offline actions to show the real ROI of their advertising campaigns. And at the end of the day, more precisely targeted ads require fewer impression to drive action, and with it can be attributed and reported on. This is truly a win-win for advertisers everywhere!

Let’s dive into how does it.

Precise Targeting: Reaching Consumers Who Are Most Likely to Take an Action

With’s industry-leading targeting technology, advertisers have access to the most advanced targeting metrics on the market. Whether you are trying to target someone based on their location or based on the behaviors they take across the internet (such as the things they search for, sites they visit, content they consume, and more) or even all the way down to targeting all devices seen within a household, provides advertisers with precise targeting tactics that allow marketers to reach those that are most interested in their products and/or services.

Precise targeting helps advertisers eliminate wasted impressions and drive what’s most important – actions.

By precisely targeting an audience rather than casting a broad net and focusing on brand awareness-type KPIs, advertisers are able to eliminate wasted impressions and drive what’s most important – actions. What’s key to remember here, especially when it comes to precise targeting, is that does things differently. Our approach to data is the sole reason why our advertisers have such success in driving higher performance, faster, on fewer impressions. What’s not to love about that? And the cherry on top of it all is’s ability to report on it and prove out the ROI for your advertising campaigns. Let’s take a look.

Advanced Attribution: Tracking ROI When It Matters Most

With driving higher performance as the focus, advertisers need to be able to report on all aspects of a campaign that are most important to them, and do so in real-time. End of campaign wrap-up reports that just show delivery or reach aren’t going to cut it when the goals are much more detailed and tied to a variety of actions the user may take.

Not to mention, with precise targeting, you will be zeroed in on a smaller delivery rather than maximizing the number of eyeballs on the campaign; therefore, you’ll need a solution that helps you prove it was the right audience that took the right action, all while providing a higher ROI than traditional, brand awareness campaigns. Luckily for you, is here to help not only drive performance, but also measure and prove it out as well.

With, advertisers have access to a robust reporting and analytics suite that provides advanced attribution solutions, including the ability to measure both online and offline conversions. Advertisers can track online conversions from their digital advertising efforts, including visiting an advertiser’s website, completing a form-fill, adding a product to a shopping cart, purchasing a product, and more. You can even track the conversions from OTT/CTV campaigns served on the big screen in the living room and other small screen devices. Additionally, retail, ecommerce, and direct-to-consumer brands can tap into’s Transaction Value Reporting to derive additional attribution data and insights from their advertising campaigns by passing back a purchase value and order ID to provide a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) measurement. Last but not least, advertisers can tap into’s Conversion Zone technology for location-based targeting campaigns and measure the amount of physical foot traffic driven to a location from those that have been previously served an ad. The options are endless.

By measuring both online and offline conversions, advertisers are able to fully understand the impact that their campaigns have on their bottom line. This is truly performance marketing at its finest!
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