Q & A: MarTech Interview with Frost Prioleau, CEO and Co-founder, Simpli.fi


Previously published in MartechSeries on July 13, 2021

Frost Prioleau, CEO and Co-founder, Simpli.fi joins us for a quick chat to talk about the importance of including TV advertising in today’s media mix while sharing a few best practices for advertisers to keep in mind:

Welcome to this MarTech Series chat Frost, tell us more about Simpli.fi and the idea that drove the platform.

Simpli.fi is focused on helping agencies and other media buying organizations automate their workflow. To achieve this, we integrate all-in-one Agency Management Software with our leading Demand Side Platform, which enables media buyers to acquire ad inventory programmatically.

What are some best practices you feel today’s advertisers need to implement when they try to balance their digital advertising and traditional advertising media mix?

A best practice advertisers should keep in mind when balancing their digital and traditional advertising media mix is ensuring they have the ability to measure performance early, and often, during a campaign. By doing so, advertisers are able to re-allocate budgets to the media types that are performing best to ensure their campaign goals are being met as well as achieving a higher ROI or ROAS.

A few thoughts on the existing and growing impact of TV in this media mix and why according to you technology marketers and advertisers should not omit this channel when crafting their media strategies.

TV occupies a very important part of the media mix for many advertisers. eMarketer estimates that 6.6 million households are expected to cut the cord this year, which puts CTV as a must have in a marketer’s toolbox. TV is becoming even more targetable and more measureable, which can now be achieved by utilizing CTV advertising.

Additionally, with CTV, smaller advertisers can better pinpoint their desired audience whether that be by consumer demographics, purchase behavior, financial profile, interests, online browsing behavior, location intelligence, among other attributes.

How according to you can advertisers boost their CTV and OTT plans and goals in 2021?

Advertisers can boost their CTV plans and goals by showing granular attribution and prove out the ROI or ROAS to their clients. Additionally, by pairing CTV with other traditional tactics, advertisers can extend their audience along with showing the effectiveness of the precise targeting with CTV advertising, leading to increased goals in 2021.

What are some targeting best practices that you feel advertisers of today need to be following more?

A best practice advertisers should follow is to define your audience somewhat broadly at first, and then optimize the targeting based on the way various components of the audience are responding on different content, during different dayparts, and on different creatives. The key is to have visibility into the various components of the audience, so that the optimizers (either human or algorithmic) can increase budgets on the components that are working and decrease budgets on the poorly performing components.

As the need for deeper intelligence and insights grows, in what ways do you feel marketers of the future will have to work with advertisers to create robust campaigns that compliment customer trends and core company goals?

In order to create robust campaigns that compliment customer trends and core company goals, advertisers need to be precise in their targeting efforts in order to eliminate waste and maximize their ROI. With streaming TV on the rise, it will be key for advertisers to implement CTV into their media mix to ensure they’re reaching their ideal audience no matter what devices they are using to consume content. What’s more, advertisers can take advantage of the advance measurement capabilities available with CTV to find out what’s working and what’s not, and optimize accordingly.

A few last thoughts and takeaways for marketing leaders and CEOs/CMOs to keep in mind through 2021?

As eyeballs continue to shift from linear TV to streaming, we’ll continue to see more local linear TV dollars move to CTV through 2021. Marketing leaders need to keep in mind the benefits CTV offers to local advertisers, in particular the ability to target very precise audiences. Local TV dollars are spent on a DMA level or targeted to a cable-zone level whereas with programmatic, you can target down to zip code and even at the household-level.