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Once you reach the point of diminishing returns, you’re left to figure out what’s next. In the world of DTC advertising, that often means expanding beyond paid social and search.’s DTC advertising solutions help extend established effectiveness with new qualified shoppers. Our performance-driven approach promotes healthier ROAS metrics with attributable insights. And these insights tell a clear story of the success journey for emerging and established brands alike.

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Our DTC advertising solution extends your existing footprint to reach new qualified shoppers. We help prospect new qualified shoppers using performance advertising solutions. With full-funnel targeting, we drive spending amongst new qualified shoppers with proven performance. This approach helps drive engagement to generate meaningful ROAS with an important audience.

Additionally,’s performance solutions help deduplicate efforts, further enhancing your ROAS. Our CRM suppression capabilities ensure you’re only marketing to potential new customers. This process eliminates any target audience crossover between current customers and new shoppers. And it allows us to apply full-funnel targeting with a brand-forward mindset across unique audiences.

In short, we introduce consumers to your brand with a performance-first lens. They’ll interact with your products and/or services as new qualified customers. And that further extends your DTC advertising footprint with a qualified audience. Ultimately, this drives measurable growth in reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) and increasing return on ad spend (ROAS).


With performance comes the need for attribution and insights.’s industry-leading ROAS tools and attribution solutions help quantify performance. For DTC advertising, we analyze meaningful insights with new qualified shoppers. Whether that’s CAC (customer acquisition cost), CPO (cost per order), or CPA (cost per action), we can measure it. And that measurement leads to proven performance with an expanded advertising footprint.

We provide full-funnel insights, identifying engagement with new qualified shoppers at every stage of the buying journey. Our DTC advertisers measure key performance metrics with our robust reporting suite. This includes powerful data points like sales, form fills, cart values, and more. It also includes a direct-divisible ROAS metric tied back to your ad spend with

For emerging and established brands alike, our performance tools accelerate a brand’s journey. Our attribution insights quantify what’s driving costs down and revenue up in real time. And that informs our optimizations to ensure we make the most of every ad dollar spent on our platform. We’re able to pivot at a moment’s notice to reach new qualified shoppers in the right places.

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