Named a Finalist for Best Mobile Marketing Platform in the 2020 DMN Awards

01/16/2020 is thrilled to be included as a finalist for Best Mobile Marketing Platform in the 2020 DMN Awards. DMN presents awards to outstanding campaigns of the previous year and to cutting edge marketing technology companies. Now in its sixth year, the DMN Awards have honored some of the biggest names in the agency and marketing technology worlds. The finalists and ultimate winners are determined based on rankings given by a panel of independent judges.

With that in mind, we’d like to expand on’s industry-leading mobile advertising solution and capabilities that landed us this finalist position.


What Makes Mobile Advertising with So Special?

First things first, we’ve been doing this since the beginning. In fact, since the very inception of location-based marketing, has led the way as a pioneer and innovator. We have continually pushed the industry forward with our advanced suite of mobile targeting solutions, allowing advertisers to target users seen within specific locations such as a business, neighborhood, custom locations, or even as granular as a specific household.

And the precision and scale we bring is unmatched. Backed by GPS data,’s advanced mobile targeting solution utilizes actual latitude and longitude coordinates to target specific geographic areas around town for incomparable scalability, pinpoint accuracy and unprecedented precision. We do not store our location data in grids so our advertisers don’t have to rely on radius or fixed-shaped targeting; rather, they can geo-fence custom shapes and sizes that are specific to the unique area they desire to target, resulting in far less wasted impressions and maximum targeting precision of mobile users.

And when it comes to scale, is second to none. Our Data Network covers 90% of all smartphone users, and we reach over 1.3 billion devices and serve ads on over 600,000+ apps. What’s more, we see a staggering 3 billion records per hour and 500 million unique locations per day.

None of these benefits come at the expense of quality. Our data scientists are committed to ensuring we use only the highest quality location data. Even after rigorous scrubbing, cleaning, and filtering of the data, sees approximately 600 times the amount of location data signals when compared to other in-market solutions.


Huge Benefits for Marketers

Our mobile targeting solutions are ideal for advertisers who wish to drive loyalty- marketing strategies, conquest competitor locations, target potential customers who have visited specific locations of interest relevant to an advertiser’s product or service, reach customers who have attended an event, or even to target individual households and businesses at the address-level with mobile, video, and OTT/CTV ads. The options are endless.

With the ability to apply variable recency, advertisers can target users who have visited
specific locations from instantly or up to 30 days ensuring that you are reaching the right
consumer at the right time with the right messaging.

And what’s more,’s mobile targeting solution take location-based marketing one step further by enabling advertisers to track online-to-offline conversions. Advertisers can measure a campaign’s success by tracking the amount of foot traffic driven to an advertiser’s physical location that have previously seen their ad. Additionally, they can determine which foot traffic was naturally converted vs. influenced by an ad with’s Geo-Conversion Lift metric.


Bringing Unstructured Data to Mobile Advertising

Personalization is vital to the success of advertisers since nomenclature, local preferences, and buying habits vary widely from city to city. But it’s rare for advertisers to have the in-house technology or staff to personalize campaigns to the needed degree for multiple markets.

At, we utilize unstructured data in our mobile targeting approach so that a single national campaign can be broken up into a number of localized campaigns relevant to specific markets. Unstructured data helps marketers stretch their budget by optimizing audiences to local needs and delivering customized creative for different locations. We can scale and deliver performance on high volumes of localized mobile programmatic campaigns – whether the number is in the hundreds or thousands.

Additionally, advertisers can optimize their campaigns on the fly. Mid-flight they have
insight into which geo-fences are performing well and which ones aren’t, allowing them
to be able to make changes instantly and throughout the course of a campaign. For
instance, advertiser could optimize their campaigns midflight by shifting spend to the
highest performing geo-fences within their market(s), resulting in less wasted
impressions and significantly higher ROI.

Ready to find out why’s mobile advertising continues to receive recognition across the industry? Reach out to us at