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Advertisers have long viewed the home of the consumer as one of the most crucial places to deliver ads. As a primary driver of buying decisions, the household of the consumer remains important for marketers.’s addressable programmatic solutions provide national scale with household precision. Learn what makes our addressable product a ‘must-have’ in the mix of many advertisers.

REACH WEB-CONNECTED DEVICES ACROSS 126M+ U.S. HOUSEHOLDS VIA SIMPLI.FI’S ADDRESSABLE TECHNOLOGY’s addressable technology provides advertisers access to 126+ million U.S. households. Our advertisers use our targeted programmatic strategies to deliver ads across web-connected devices. Addressable campaigns require a list of addresses – either from first-party CRM lists and/or purchased data lists. Don’t have address lists at your fingertips? No problem, can curate those for you. can target consumer households for CRM and purchased data lists. With a 90%+ match rate, we maximize reach from every list provided to us. We built our platform to ingest and activate addressable data in a privacy-first way. There is no personally-identifiable information exchanged or stored. And this process all exists within our platform, eliminating unnecessary extra steps.

We also offer a custom audience planning tool with 3,000+ data variables available. Our Addressable Audience Curation tool plans, creates, and activates custom audiences in real-time. Advertisers generate custom audiences with ease, targeting by location, demographic, and buying behaviors. With platline precision, we make household precision targeting at scale possible. And this works with any web-connected device, such as CTV, desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.


Experience unmatched reporting and attribution for every addressable campaign with Via precise, localized zip+4 reporting, we go from a national scale down to granular data. The zip+4 data provides a specific side of the street in our reporting. This helps advertisers attribute campaign performance metrics with precision in a privacy-compliant way.’s advertisers apply these precise location metrics to every addressable campaign. Our zip+4 reporting works for both online and offline attribution. That means advertisers can measure online metrics like sales, subscriptions, and sign-ups. They can also count individual store visits and Geo-Conversion Lift measurement. And advertisers can tie these key metrics to a specific zip+4 code anywhere across the country. With access to 126+ million households, we pair address-level targeting with precise measurement.


National reach, plus data-driven precision, plus insightful measurement, equals greater performance. That’s the formula.’s addressable technology performs well with consumer households. And our advertisers reap the benefits of actionable reporting. With our audience planning tool and advanced analytics, we’re prepared for the future of addressable.

As long as reaching consumers remains important to advertisers, household targeting is a must-have. To learn more about’s addressable solutions, please visit our addressable product page.
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