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This post is part of a blog series highlighting’s DSP solutions. To learn more about our benefits, connect with us via our mobile product page.

As the leader in automation for mobile advertising, we provide what’s needed to succeed. We reach users via precise, location-based targeting methods. We provide custom tools and resources for accurate, speedy activations. And we attribute store-level reporting metrics for greater visibility into performance.

Come learn what makes a trusted platform for mobile advertising.

REACH CONSUMERS ON THE GO WITH PRECISE, LOCATION-BASED MOBILE ADVERTISING’s advertisers reach consumers on the go on a global scale. Access our expansive and ever-growing network of programmatic mobile inventory. We target audiences all over with scaled precision through mobile apps and browsers.

As a demand-side platform (DSP), we handle programmatic bidding in-house. To enhance those efforts, we rely on our proprietary data management platform (DMP).’s data management enables advertisers to target consumers with a privacy-first approach. We serve ads to mobile devices based on privacy-compliant, time-stamped GPS data. This protects the consumer’s data while aiding our campaign efforts for precise targeting.

With the pairing of our DSP and DMP, we simplify targeted mobile advertising. We take the data from our DMP and apply it across our DSP solutions. That results in mobile delivery across a fleury of campaign targeting types. And we’ve built the tools necessary to administer those precise efforts at scale.


Managed, self, or hybrid service, our custom targeting and attribution tools work to your benefit. We’ve created the tools needed for precise mobile advertising at scale with ease.

Our custom polygon tool lets advertisers draw precise target and conversion zones. This enables mobile advertisers to proceed with confidence for targeting and conversion tracking. Every custom fence receives a unique ID and name that’s visible in mapping and in reporting. This clearly-defined approach shows mobile targeting and attribution with pinpoint accuracy.

Additionally, we offer a GPS-based planning tool for ease of identification and activation.’s Geo-Fence Finder tool creates custom target fences with the click of a button. Use this tool to locate and target places by name, type, or group (i.e., golf courses, retail stores, restaurants, & more).


We offer granular reporting metrics, including store-level attribution and foot traffic lift measurement. Our store-level attribution ties conversions to unique conversion zones. This means we use actual GPS data, rather than a sample of data for conversion tracking. Our device-level reporting at the store level makes our optimizations powerful. This allows advertisers to know what locations drive performance and make meaningful changes mid-campaign.

Additionally, our foot traffic lift measurement adds to the collection of valuable insights. Each mobile advertising campaign tracking foot traffic conversions receives a unique lift metric. This shows the effectiveness of the campaign’s ads versus those who did not receive an ad. With this valuable data, advertisers attribute the increase in visitation to their ads. Using these insights, we can make the necessary adjustments mid-campaign for greater performance.

With targeted advertising, resourceful tools, and advanced attribution, we excel with mobile advertising. To learn more about’s mobile solutions, please visit our mobile product page.
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