’s Addressable Solutions Ease Common Demand-Side Platform Challenges


When it comes to addressability, programmatic advertisers need clarity behind the solutions offered. Today’s focus is to fill in the gaps where solves common industry challenges. We do that with massive reach and superior performance on fewer impressions. All that, and more, backed by the power of granular, element-level insights. Before we get into our solutions, let’s clear the common hurdles first.


With every industry advancement, there come its own challenges. For platforms offering programmatic, the following common problems persist:

Advertisers should be able to target a desirable audience at scale. More often than not, they face the decision of reach versus precision. This often results in either under-delivery or widespread reach of a loosely-targeted audience. When working with a stitched-together third party identity graph, this can be challenging. The same is true when using pre-built, segment-level optimization models. Both of these approaches lack the ability to combine scale with precision.

Additionally, when rolled-up into segment-level reporting, performance tends to be lacking. While performance may come around, the extended ramp can be costly and time-consuming. This also limits advertisers to segment-level insights aggregated with little insight to show. That makes it difficult to tell a clear, detailed story of a campaign’s performance.

These three common problems combined can limit the targetability and measurability of programmatic. That’s where steps in. Our addressable solutions help advertisers solve all these common challenges.


As our technology evolves, we continue to create solutions for industry-wide challenges. Through our addressable programmatic offering, we solve the above issues by providing:

  1. Massive Reach Without Sacrificing Precision
  2. Superior Performance on Fewer Impressions
  3. Granular, Element-Level Insights

With our industry-leading 90%+ match rate, we maximize reach for every address list. And for those using our curation data, we offer over 700+ demographic variables to choose from. Paired with Boolean logic, we help advertisers reach custom, household-level audiences nationwide. No matter your source, our robust addressable solutions make reach with precision possible.

By means of our unified identity graph, we offer real-time addressable audience planning. Our advertisers receive hyper-local estimations for both first-party and address lists. Additionally, we offer estimated reach by device type for every addressable audience. This lets advertisers plan with confidence for specific setups, such as addressable CTV.

When combining proper planning with reach and precision, we see superior campaign performance.

Rather than treating a segment as a single bid factor, we bid and optimize with each addressable plat ID in mind. In other words, address-level data dictates performance across a broad range of objectives. This, along with our unified identity graph, helps reduce the ramp time needed to perform.

Finally, our reporting and insights tell a clear, detailed story. For addressable CTV, we support CPA, CPV, CPL, and VCR objectives; plus, we offer ROAS and lift metrics. These meaningful insights exist in a live dashboard with localized, zip+4 reporting. Our partners access these element-level insights with any service model (self, managed, API). Take full control, or tap into our experienced service organization for your campaigns.


Where some struggle to pair reach with precision, we offer an audience planning tool. While some might need extended ramp time, our unified approach to identity speeds that up. When some don’t offer clear reporting, our element-level insights tell the full story.’s demand-side platform addresses these common industry challenges with our addressable solutions. Our addressable targeting and measurement uses an innovative approach for execution and performance. Enlist our addressable technology for an innovative way of reaching 126M+ households nationwide.
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