’s Own Chief Customer Officer Elizabeth Brockey Recognized as a Top Woman Leader of 2021 in The Software Report


Congratulations to our Chief Customer Officer Elizabeth Brockey for her inclusion in The Software Report’s prestigious Top Women Leaders in SaaS of 2021! We are extremely proud of Elizabeth, as this is the fourth year in a row she has received this honor!

To quote from this year’s report:

“This year’s awardees have made a definitive and lasting impact on their organizations, from spearheading cloud adoption pushes to espousing diversity in the workplace to driving overall company growth. The COVID-19 era has compelled many businesses to accelerate their adoption and roll-out of cloud-based software solutions, and these women have enabled their companies to meet the challenge presented by this surge in demand.”

Here are just some of the things that set Elizabeth apart and why she continues to be recognized for her leadership and vision. As Chief Customer Officer for, she has spent her tenure with the company executing strategic initiatives to drive company growth and foster innovation. Most recently, Elizabeth has been spearheading the project integration for client-focused efforts with’s M&A, continuing the growth and overall success of the company.

What’s more, Elizabeth understands the importance of fostering a culture of leadership throughout all levels of an organization as the key to creating happy employees and a stable company. As a true servant-leader, she focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of her employees first and helps her team develop and perform as successfully as possible. In addition to overseeing department operations of 112 team members, she has made it her mission to streamline partner onboarding and interdepartmental coordination for product rollouts of’s programmatic platform. She has established and implemented departmental policies, goals, objectives and procedures to drive a positive customer experience for all partners.

In addition to driving innovation for her clients, Elizabeth has focused her efforts on internal training and making sure her employees are fluent in programmatic industry trends, as well as online advertising strategy, services and tactics. In 2021, she received her Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing from East Tennessee State University and continues to provide management and leadership training within the organization to foster new ideas for the company and its technology.

Please join us in congratulating Elizabeth on this honor, and on her dedication to and continued successes with To learn more about The SaaS report and others included on the list, please click here.