’s Own Chief Customer Officer Elizabeth Brockey Recognized as a Top Women Leader of 2018 in The SaaS Report


Congratulations to our fabulous Chief Customer Officer Liz Brockey for her inclusion in the SaaS Report’s prestigious Top Women Leaders of 2018! We are extremely proud of Liz, as she was one of only 50 women selected from over 3,500 nominations. Leadership factors that were assessed included integrity, intelligence, drive, company culture, and company growth, among other areas.

To quote the Saas Report:

“Today, more than ever, it is important that we recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women in SaaS, software and the broader technology field. By shining a light on these leaders we can help inspire and encourage today’s younger generation of women to aim high and achieve.”

Here are just some of the things we think make Liz and her role at exceptional. As our Chief Customer Officer, Liz has spent her tenure with executing strategic initiatives that drive company growth and foster innovation. She understands the importance of fostering a culture of leadership throughout all levels of our organization as the key to creating happy employees and a stable company. As a true servant-leader, her focus aside from customer satisfaction is the growth and well-being of’s employees while helping her team develop and perform as successfully as possible.

Over the past year alone, Liz has been responsible for several key initiatives and successes. She has played a crucial role in successfully verticalizing’s Customer Success team of over 125 employees to facilitate company efficiencies and the team’s overall effectiveness when managing client accounts. Liz is always working to make sure that’s Customer Success department has the knowledge and tools they need to continue to help our clients succeed.

In addition to Liz’s successes on behalf of her department and clients, she humbly uses her professional skills in a different capacity to benefit various nonprofits and community organizations. Liz and the executive team developed a “Giving Back” initiative for the employees of, which features several volunteer opportunities for the Fort Worth Como Community. The team’s volunteer efforts include contributing and serving at the Como Food Pantry on a monthly basis, facilitating school supply drives, and fundraising for year-round programming. Liz continues to find value in corporate social responsibility programs, as she has found that they can make all the difference in cultivating leadership skills and planning for future company success.

Please join us in congratulating Liz on this honor, and on her dedication to and continued successes with To learn more about The SaaS report and others included on the list, please click here.