Project Management

for Media Buying

Project Management
Designed To Meet The
Needs Of Your Team

Experience a robust and integrated project management system that provides flexible planning options, a clear focus, & transparency.

Adaptable Workflows
Readily Available For
Any Type Of Project

Employ the most effective workflow methodology for your team with adaptable and easy-to-understand visualizations of project schedules.

Provide Instant
Communication Across
Teams & Offices

Communicate and collaborate with your team on a single platform that tracks all communication for a project and updates in real-time.

Manage Your Resources With Confidence

Take advantage of simple time-tracking and comprehensive resource management tools to manage your team's time and efforts with confidence.

Fully Compatible With Our Accounting Software For Comprehensive Data Visibility

Manage individual project financials with comprehensive, real-time data fully-integrated with QuickBooks® Online & Advantage Accounting.

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