The Future Of AdTech In 2022: Predictions From CEO Frost Prioleau


2021 has been another dynamic year in the digital advertising universe. CTV advertising continues to see explosive growth that will only continue to unfold in 2022. Additionally, 2022 is bound to keep programmatic advertisers on their toes as they prepare for the upcoming midterm elections and the continuing changes in identity and privacy. As your programmatic partner, is here to help you navigate through the twists and turns of the new year.

What can you expect to see in 2022? CEO Frost Prioleau shares his top AdTech trends and predictions to watch for as you prepare your marketing plans for the new year.


2022 AdTech Predictions and Trends: What to Watch for and How to Best Prepare


Advertisers and Agencies Focus on Streamlining Their Workflow

After many years of adopting additional point solutions, advertisers are looking to integrate and consolidate their workflow. Going into 2022, we’ll see a heightened focus for advertisers looking for increased efficiency and visibility to workflow solutions. Additionally, integrated measurement, reporting, and attribution tools will be top of mind for advertisers and agencies as we move into next year.


Identity Wars End with a Whimper

Identity signal losses from MAID deprecation and cookie restrictions will be more than offset by signal gains from various and multiple privacy-friendly identity solutions. However, the new ID signals will be coming from disparate approaches, so advertising platforms and solution providers will need to integrate multiple identity solutions to maintain coverage in 2022.


Political Advertising Boosts Already Rapid Transition from Linear to CTV

Political advertisers will discover the targetability at scale offered by CTV advertising, and we will see significant advertising budgets move from linear TV to CTV. In turn, accelerating the already rapid transition we’ve seen of the ongoing conversion of linear TV dollars to CTV advertising over the past few years.


Digital-Style Attribution Replaces Traditional Panel-Based
Delivery Metrics for Many Advertisers who are Moving Budgets from Linear to CTV

While some linear TV advertisers will wait for a better panel-based solution to come along before they switch budget over to CTV advertising, many others will get tired of waiting and move to measuring their CTV buys like digital performance advertisers. This type of measurement will have a heightened focused on measuring the effectiveness of ad campaigns with various Cost Per Action (CPA) measures such as Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Visit (CPV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and more.


As you’ve seen, there is a lot coming up in 2022 that advertisers need to prepare for. Don’t be caught flat footed without the tools necessary to leverage the changing dynamics of the new year. is here to help you prepare for what is ahead.

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