What Are You Really Getting for Your Ad Spend?


When all is said and done, the primary thing marketers and advertisers care about when it comes to their digital ad campaigns is ROI. Too often, advertisers are left wondering whether they’ve gotten their money’s worth. Attributing an ROI to your digital campaigns can be a challenge, and as a result many programmatic platforms have shied away from substantively including it in their solutions.

Here at Simpli.fi, we embrace attribution and reporting because we want our clients to see precisely how our audience targeting solutions are adding value. In fact, our attribution and reporting capabilities are one of the things clients love most about working with Simpli.fi.

So how can you, as a marketer, know what you are really getting for your ad spend? The answer lies within Simpli.fi’s comprehensive suite of attribution and reporting solutions.


Granular Campaign Insights with Simpli.fi’s Reporting and Analytics Center

For the most in-depth reporting and analytics for insights into what your ad spend is really getting you, look no further than Simpli.fi’s Reporting and Analytics Center. It is a full ad-hoc customer reporting suite available within the Simpli.fi UI, giving Simpli.fi partners the ability to create and schedule customized reports, ad-hoc reports, or choose from 60+ pre-built reports, all in real-time for any campaign.

Simpli.fi clients can customize reports based on filters, pivot tables, and more than 100 unique dimensions and measures. They can also schedule reports for daily, weekly, and monthly automatic delivery to a single email address or schedule group reports for a department or team.

What’s more, all reports from the Reporting and Analytics Center have the option of a 92-day lookback window, and report data can be exported in the following data types: tab-separated text, Excel 2007 or higher spreadsheet, CSV (Comma Separated Value), JSON, HTML, Markdown, and PNG image file for visualization.

Speaking of visualization, Simpli.fi’s Reporting and Analytics Center has extensive visualization capabilities. Advertisers can create reports using the visualization types below to make data easier to consume, analyze, identify trends, etc.:


Best in Class Foot Traffic Attribution with Geo-Conversion Lift

As a long-time industry leader in location-based marketing, Simpli.fi understands advertisers’ need for granular attribution models. And thanks to Simpli.fi’s Geo-Conversion Lift reporting within the Reporting and Analytics Center, advertisers can unlock valuable attribution insights that show how their location-based marketing campaigns are influencing online-to-offline conversions.

It all starts with Simpli.fi’s Geo-Fencing technology. Using latitude and longitude data, advertisers can target specific geographic areas with unprecedented precision and scalability. When combined with Conversion Zones, advertisers can track what amount of physical traffic at their location has previously seen the advertiser’s ad. The Conversion Zone recognizes the user and attributes their visit as an offline conversion.

Simpli.fi’s Geo-Conversion Lift takes attribution reporting one step further, giving advertisers valuable understanding and insights into determining which foot traffic was naturally converted vs. influenced by an ad. Using the Geo-Conversion Lift Dashboard within Simpli.fi’s Reporting and Analytics center, advertisers can effectively and accurately analyze their Geo-Fencing campaigns in how they are driving traffic to their Conversion Zones thanks to over 20+ granular metrics.


Geo-Conversion Lift: Granular Metrics for Deeper Insights

Geo-Conversion Lift gives advertisers some significant advantages when it comes to analyzing their location-based marketing efforts. Crucially, advertisers can determine what percentage of visitor conversions can be attributed to their digital advertising campaigns (i.e. what amount of foot traffic were natural conversions vs. campaign conversions).

Additionally, we can measure visits without using panels because of our massive volume of actual (not derived) GPS data. Advertisers of all sizes want deeper insights into the effectiveness of their advertising campaign, and we are thrilled to offer these lift metrics for campaigns of all sizes, whether it is large national buys or small localized campaigns.

Thanks to the Geo-Conversion Lift reporting metrics, advertisers can analyze campaigns at an incredibly granular level. This includes the ability to measure actual visits, visitation rate, and days to convert between target zones and Conversion Zones as compared to natural visits, natural visitation rate, and natural days to convert. A weighted CPV can also be determined based on Geo-Conversion Lift findings.

Advertisers can further break it down by measuring the difference between mobile users seen visiting the conversion zone once in the last 30 days as compared to mobile users who have visited more than once. This allows for the measurement of New Campaign Converters vs. Total Campaign Converters, and it lets you filter out repeat visitors such as employees, vendors, service providers, and event the mailman!

And what’s more, Geo-Conversion Lift is available for both Addressable Geo-Fencing and Addressable OTT/CTV campaigns!

Take the guesswork out of determining an ROI on your digital advertising spend by taking advantage of Simpli.fi’s industry-leading attribution and reporting technology. Reach out to us at hi@simpli.fi to learn more.