Borrell’s Local Marketing Trends Podcast Features CEO Frost Prioleau as He Discusses OTT/CTV and’s Push Into Addressable


Our very own CEO and thought leader Frost Prioleau was recently hosted on Borrell’s Local Marketing Trends podcast, which provides insights into what’s happening in the world of localized marketing from two of the industry’s brightest analysts and forecasters, Corey Elliott and Gordon Borrell. During the podcast, Frost discussed OTT/CTV advertising and’s push into the addressable space.

Kicking off the podcast with a brief introduction to as a company, Frost shared some valuable stats with listeners including the fact that last year alone saw over $100 million in revenue, and ran more than 130,000 ad campaigns for over 40,000 unique advertisers.

Below, please find some highlights from Frost’s discussion with Corey and Gordon.


On Geo-Fencing and Addressable Programmatic

One of the things Frost addressed is recent trends in geo-fencing. Advertisers can use tactics like’s Geo-Fencing solution to target direct competitors and leverage local knowledge to reach the right consumers.

What’s more, with’s expansion into Addressable Geo-Fencing, advertisers can now achieve a new level of precision by targeting at the household-level.’s Addressable Programmatic has led the way in the progression of location-based marketing, from DMA to zip code and now to household-level targeting. And with Addressable Audience Curation, advertisers can layer in demographic data to get even more granular.


On OTT/CTV Advertising

OTT/CTV advertising is something has a great deal of expertise in, as we ran over 25,000 OTT/CTV campaigns for more than 7,500 advertisers in 2019. As Frost discusses in the podcast, our goal at is to bring OTT/CTV advertising to localized audiences. And with our multipronged OTT/CTV audience targeting solution, we are the clear industry leader in making this happen.

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