Case Study: Construction Vehicle Manufacturer Promotes Product Lineup with’s Addressable & OTT/CTV Solutions


Brand Overview
•  Major manufacturer of construction vehicles and farm equipment
•  Sought to increase product awareness and reach potential
•  Partnered directly with to bring programmatic media buying in-house and
    increase efficiencies
•  98% Video Completion Rate for OTT/CTV Ads
•  .13% CTR for Display Ads
•  104M Impressions
•  19M Unique Users Reached




Many marketing departments are seeking more control over their digital media by bringing advertising campaign management in-house. Approximately 90% of marketers now expect to have at least some responsibility over all areas of media, and 64% of marketers plan to bring media capabilities in-house gradually (Forrester). As a result of this trend, more brands are seeking programmatic providers with comprehensive self-service solutions including robust targeting capabilities, flexible service options, and granular reporting tools.

At the beginning of 2021, a construction and farm equipment brand decided to move all of their marketing efforts in-house in order to gain more control over campaign strategy, implementation, optimization, and reporting. Previously, the brand used through their agency and experienced strong results. By managing the relationship directly, they aimed to activate even more solutions and collaborate more closely with the team on campaign planning, execution, and reporting.

The brand focused on raising awareness for several products with OTT/CTV ads through location-based and behavioral targeting to reach users located locally nearby more than 400 dealerships. To accomplish this goal, they curated a custom addressable audience aligned with their ideal customer profile for household-level targeting. Additionally, the team implemented behavioral targeting tactics to reach users who were actively in the market for their products. They wanted to achieve a 95% Video Completion Rate for OTT/CTV campaigns in order to maximize awareness.


First, the advertiser wanted to target people who were likely to be interested in heavy duty vehicles for construction and land work. They used’s Addressable Audience Curation tool to curate an audience of homes located in ZIP codes near each dealership, containing occupants with an age range of 25-54, and with a property size of greater than one acre. Moreover, the brand also selected both residential farmers and decision-makers in commercial construction and agriculture verticals. The custom audience contained more than 2.8 million homes across the country that were near more than 400 dealerships.

Additionally, the brand provided a third-party address list based on their criteria and distance to nearby dealerships. The advertiser uploaded the address list of more than 220,000 homes directly to’s platform with a match rate above 94%. This enabled the brand to compare performance between the list curated via and the third-party list in order to make mid-flight optimizations.

With a total audience of more than 3 million addresses,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution used GPS data paired with plat lines to match each address to the exact physical location, shape, and size of the property. The system then automatically built geo-fence target zones around each property for targeting devices seen within the individual households.’s identity graph for cross-device matching enabled the brand to reach users across multiple devices. The advertiser maximized touchpoints by serving display and video ads on smartphones, desktops, and OTT/CTV devices.


The brand also wanted to drive awareness for their product lines based on users’ browsing behavior. Keyword Search Retargeting and Keyword Contextual Targeting enabled the brand to target users based on the content they were actively reading about and searching for online. implemented more than 8,000 keywords including riding mowers, tractors, loaders, excavators, and telehandlers. Additionally, Site Retargeting allowed them to remain in front of users who visited their website. Furthermore,’s cross-device matching meant that the brand could serve display and OTT/CTV ads to all of a user’s devices based on their online history.


Overall, the advertiser was pleased with the results of the nine-month campaign. The campaign achieved a 98% Video Completion Rate for OTT/CTV ads – exceeding the 95% goal – and a 0.13% CTR for display ads. Additionally, the advertiser reached 19 million users and served more than 104 million impressions. Furthermore, the advertiser decided to add’s Geo-Fencing tactic to their strategy at the end of 2021, and plans to expand more going into 2022. The brand continues to partner with for their programmatic needs and is excited to use’s solutions to accomplish their next set of marketing goals.
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