No Two Neighbors are Alike: Proving the Value of Addressable Programmatic


In 2021, one thing is clear: a “one-size-fits-all” approach to national advertising campaigns is increasingly becoming obsolete. This is because, quite simply, no two neighboring households are alike. From house to house and neighbor to neighbor, consumers are different: with different preferences, different tastes, different online buying behaviors, and many more. This reality necessitates that, in order to successfully reach the right consumers, advertisers take a more personalized approach to their digital ad campaigns.

Meaning, advertisers need a programmatic partner that can target a national audience at the household-level. Enter’s Addressable Programmatic solutions.

Different Households, Different Consumers

The programmatic industry has come a long way in terms of location-based targeting capabilities. In the past, advertisers had no choice but to use broader, more generalized audience targeting strategies (e.g. DMA, zip codes, etc.). Today, we can get exponentially more granular and personalized with our digital ad campaigns.

We all know that each individual consumer is different. Shouldn’t advertisers be targeting accordingly? Addressable Programmatic with lets advertisers reach consumers household-by-household on a national scale. This means campaigns can take into account the various ways one household differs from another, translating to less wasted impression, higher ROI, and most importantly a more personalized and useful ad experience.

Addressable Programmatic with lets advertisers reach consumers household-by-household on a national scale.


Addressable Geo-Fencing: The Ultimate Household-Level Targeting Solution

As the most granular location-based targeting solution on the market,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing is the revolutionary new way to target physical addresses with digital advertising. We built it with unparalleled precision and scale to be an effective targeting solution for any sized advertiser who is looking to run localized campaigns at the address-level and effectively reach every screen within each desired household. The end result: relevant ad campaigns that reach each household based on their individual wants and needs.

And rather than relying on the limited effectiveness of IP-based targeting, our Addressable Geo-Fencing uses actual GPS and plat line data (derived from property tax and public land survey information) to precisely target the desired households with mobile, video, and/or OTT/CTV ads.’s cross-device graph associates all of the devices within a household, thereby linking mobile, tablets, desktops, and connected TVs. This makes it easy to reach users across all of their devices and enables advance attribution metrics which we will cover below.

And with’s Addressable Audience Curation (AAC) tool, advertisers’ ability to reach ideal consumers household-by-household is significantly augmented. AAC allows advertisers to curate addressable audiences in real-time using location data and 700+ demographic parameters such as household income, purchase history, retail locations visited, life events, age, and more. Once the ideal audience has been curated for each market, you can then utilize’s industry-leading Addressable Geo-Fencing solution to reach users at the household-level.

For example, a national agency with clothing retail clients across the U.S. could target “affluent shoppers ages 30-40” across multiple locations in the U.S. By tapping into this unparalleled household-level targeting solution, the agency can curate addressable audiences based on location data and over 700+ demographic variables that fit ideal clients for clothing retailers. Once the audience is curated in real-time, it then can be easily uploaded into’s platform for targeting via our Addressable Geo-Fencing solution.

The end result: relevant ad campaigns that reach each household based on their individual wants and needs.


Household Targeting That Extends to OTT/CTV Advertising

Today, we see people consuming streaming media across various devices more than ever before. Check out this compelling infographic – it is a clear indication that advertisers need to be reaching this audience and OTT/CTV advertising should be a key component of any ad strategy moving forward.’s Addressable OTT/CTV solution allows advertisers to utilize our unparalleled addressable programmatic capabilities by delivering advanced TV advertising at the household-level nationwide. As we have discussed, addressable audience targeting is the most precise, granular, and scalable way to serve video creative to individual households via OTT/CTV devices. This solution also has the added capability of targeting either the big screen in the living room and/or small screens such as mobile devices and tablets.

Addressable OTT/CTV with is the most effective and impactful way to target tens of millions of CTV households. We use GPS and plat line data to target physical addresses so that only the right households and devices get targeted. This means significantly better ROI and less wasted impressions, since each household can be targeted individually and distinctly based on different factors.

Addressable OTT/CTV with is the most effective and impactful way to target tens of millions of CTV households.


Prove Out ROI with Online and Offline Attribution

It is imperative that advertisers have granular insights into how campaigns have performed to show ROI and ROAS. With, advertisers can see how each household responds to digital ads, and adjust and optimize accordingly. See the full array of our attribution capabilities below.

Attribute Online Browser-Based Conversions for Any Size Campaign:
Track online conversions, such as visiting an advertiser’s website, completing a form-fill, adding a product to a shopping cart, purchasing a product, and more.

Real-Time Foot Traffic Attribution and Lift Reporting for Any Size Campaign:
This type of reporting can be deployed on all campagins, including OTT/CTV. This is true store-level reporting for campaigns ranging from one location to thousands.

Addressable Campaign Conversion Reporting at Zip+4 Level:
With this reporting, advertisers get actionable data and insights on campaign performance as granular as one side of a street or specific floors in multi-floor buildings.

CTV Device-Level Delivery and Performance Reporting:
This lets advertisers target and report on specific CTV devices consumers are accessing, providing actionable data and insights on web enabled content consumption access points.

As we’ve seen, every household is different, and it’s crucial that advertisers ensure that their audience targeting takes into account consumers’ differing tastes, preferences, buying behaviors, and more.

To begin utilizing’s Addressable Programmatic solutions, the answer to advertisers’ household targeting and attribution needs, reach out to us at