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Mattress Brand Partners With to Strengthen E-Commerce Sales and Measure ROAS



Luxury mattress brand with a large e-commerce and physical retail presence sought to use behavioral targeting to increase online sales.


The plan leveraged Keyword Search Retargeting and Site Retargeting with’s Transaction Value Reporting solution to measure sales revenue attributed to the campaign. Additionally, the advertiser sought to achieve a $50 Cost Per Actions (CPA) for the sale of a mattress on their website.

Cost Per Action (CPA)


Online Sales Over the Course of Four Months

Keyword Search Retargeting implemented 1,335 keywords including mattress, bed, pillow, chair cushion, and more.

Site Retargeting

The advertiser re-engaged potential customers by serving ads to users who visited their website but did not complete a purchase.

Transaction Value Reporting

Enabled the advertiser to analyze purchase trends and easily calculate the ROAS by dividing the total transaction values by the campaign spend.

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